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Scattered Tongues - the conlang community
The HQ of the Scattered Tongues' community

Kingdom of Kaupelan
Kaupelanese is the language of the Kingdom of Kaupelan. It was developed to be assumed as a natural language of the Austronesian family and a language of Eastern Indonesia.

New Languages and Fictional Languages!
This webpages is the index to a number of new and yet to be created webpages devoted to the developement of New and Fictional (sci-fi or fantasy) languages, wether auxiliary languages or constructed l ...

This languages has grammar based on the grammar of Modern Greek but simplified. Grammar has come from various other languages. The Vocabulary has come from the four major Romance languages, Latin, Hellenic ...

Fallen Tower
Extensive links to artificial language pages and conlang discussions. There are also links to Esperanto and other language sites.

Chris Wright's Languages
This site features the languages Sturnan, Lashkos, Runda, and Fampónd. Hansu and Kuanaukuasi will soon be added. Most of these languages are accusative and inflectional, but all types are found.

Vilya Online
This site deals with the created world known as Vilya, the brainchild of Chris Fung. Its main features are the grammars of the languages spoken on Vilya. It also includes information on Vilyan life and ...

Der Folkspraakinstitut / The Folkspraak Institute
The website of Der Folkspraakinstitut (The Folkspraak Institute) is dedicated to the development and popularization of, and the offecommunity of instruction in, the Folkspraak language. This website, ...

This is a hobby language. A language that I am creating in my spare time, just for fun, but it has all the principles of a real language. It has a hidden code, if you find it, let me know.

Taneraic on the Web
Welcome to Taneraic (or tanerai -- I coined the English cognate "Taneraic" as an assimilated form) on the Web! The first Website devoted to my private language, or langue close, as I prefer to call it, ...

keskiccidbi an an delkicgearitbi - The Language Institute of the Academy for Sciences and Arts
Arkian is language of Ark Maramia.{;}A. has been influenced by many traditions: long history of Vitga, the native pre-Hiberan languages and the diverse cultural backrounds in different regions. The grammar ...

Wyvere's Language Archive
A page with several languages in process from a young but ambitious aspicommunity linguist.

Constructed Languages
A constructed languages FAQ, an extensive Conlang Library of 500+ links to constructed languages online, and my conlang Thosk.

A pagga doul'Aingeljă - La página del Angeliano - Angelian's Homepage
Homepage of the conlang invented by Ángel Serrano: Aingeljă (Angelian), inspired in the romance languages and some English and German words. The web is in English, Spanish and Angelian and includes an ...

Dana Nutter's Language Net
Large compilation of language/linguistic resources. Also the home of SASXSEK (Earth Language){;}

Nórdicg - The official Site
Nórdicg is a a conlang, which is some kind of northern european, but it has its very own styling. It is inspired by many other languages.

Site devoted to the constructed languages of Doug Ball, principally Skerre

Fantasist.net's Conlang Resources
A collection of PERL based tools that let you automate part of creating languages. Tools include a dialect generator and a "Rosetta Stone" game.

Asemia is a conworld including two very different peoples which live in the peace. You're welcome! Leniun! (Arumian) Saila! (Chamish)

This is my first ever conlang. Inspired by JRR Tolkien\'s \"Elvish\" languages, I decided to create one of my own. It takes bits and pieces from every language I\'ve ever been interested in... Sindarin ...

Dobulgan Online Tutorial
Words based on Bulgarian, structure based on Korean. Easy, yet natural.

Shaquelingua is the verb-less only language of the unified planet Shaquie in which stellar system live around 12.5 billions empathic Shaqueans.

The Copic Language Pages
A growing collection on languages set in my own fantasy world.

The Language of Bin Tahr
A comprehensive blog on the creation of a simplistic and easily learned language called Bin Tahr.

The Tongilgo Foundation
Tongilgo ("unification language") is my vision for a constructed international auxiliary language designed to unite East Asian peoples that speak languages derived from Classical Chinese in the spirit ...

DE's Conlang Pages
This site is dedicated to constructed languages site and includes an FAQ and examples of four of my conlangs: Thosk, Dingwa, Ungil and Ukwe. The art of making constructed languages, also known as invented ...