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I created this community 7 years ago to help restore the belief and hope to save our Southern Heritage,I invite anyone interested in DIXIE to join us for a worthy cause.

25th Alabama Infantry
We are a Confederate reenactment group based in Pickens County, Alabama. We are a family-friendly group, not hardcore to the extreme, though we do strive for authenticity. Please visit our site.

First South Carolina Cavalry, CSA
History and Memorial to the brave men who fought with the First South Carolina Cavalry. Rosters.

24th. and 42nd. Virginia Infantry
History of the 24th. and 42nd. Virginia Infantry's and the part they played in the struggle for Southern Independence.

Rebels of the Confederate South
A site dedicated to the great State of Georgia and the South She belongs to. A lot of info on the War Between the States and the men who served. A Confederate Virtual Memorial Wall honocommunity our Confederate ...

Civil War & Harley Link and a ClipArt Gallery..never know what ya might find :)

Quantrill's Guerrillas
Encyclopedia of Quantrills Raiders

Sgt. Reb, Southern Patriot
This site is Pro-Southern and Pro-Confederate. I reject political correctness and revisionist history. Sgt. Reb speaks his mind.

38th Infantry Regiment. North Carolina Troops
History of the 38th N C Troops in the Civil War

The Civil War in Shenandoah Valley
About the civil war that was fought in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia

A Tribute to Confederate Women
A tribute to the Southron women that sacrificed for the South and supported the Cause. Here you will find short biographies with links to further reading about selected women of the War Between the States ...

Ulster-Scots & Irish Unionist Resource
A site discussing and promoting Ulster-Scots / Scots-Irish history, culture and heritage. Sections on the Ulster-Scots diaspora in USA, particularly the Ulster-Scots / Scots Presbyterians that settled ...

Colonel Sherod Hunter Camp 1525, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Phoenix, Arizona
Homepage of the Colonel Sherod Hunter Camp 1525, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Phoenix, Arizona. Contains information about our Camp, its history and its activities, as well as historical information ...

18th. Virginia Cavalry
Detailed history of the 18th. Virginia Cavalry. Biogrphies of veterans,photos and detailed battle stories.

54th. Virginia Infantry
The 54th was mustered into the service of the Commonwealth of Virginia on September 10, 1861. By October 10,1861, the regiment completed its organization with ten companies, and began active service.

Southern Sayings Page
Southern Sayings and phrases popular in the South. This page has meanings for southern words and phrases.

Po'Boys Civil War
Tribute to the 7th Mississippi infantry and my great-grandfather. Diary, history, rosters and photos etc.

The Confederate Partisan
The truth about the Confederacy and the War for Southern Independence.Essays & articles, large document archive, links and more.

My Love For the South
My site has links to other southern sites. As well as a collection of research I am doing on Co B 2nd Florida Cavalry.

Southern Heritage of the Carolina
A site that covers all aspects of our Southern heritage and culture. A site that shows love and honor for our South and how much we cherish the memory of our Confederate ancestors. A site that gives the ...

Civil War, Franklin Rifles, History, Southern Recipes
a gate way to the Franklin Rifles (SCV) site and to Blu-Loc.

Johnnys links to the south
{;}Links to the south

18th North Carolina Infantry, Company A
Regimental history, event schedule, How To's, Civil War links, Photo Gallery and our By-laws.

Confederate Heritage
Short, sweet, to the point..THE SOUTH WAS RIGHT!

Dillard-Judd SCV Camp 1828
Home Page for the Dillard-Judd SCV Camp #1828, Highlander Dispatch Newsletter and Archives, Awards, Camp Roster, Clip Art, Links, Projects, Join SCV

Shotgun Graphics
T-shirts & sweatshirts with original & custom graphics relating to Confederate & Southern Heritage. Other items available soon.