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Ornamental Concrete

Jeff Paulitzki was definitely not impressed. The mild mannered psychologist was searching for his first home for sale where he stumbled on a steal. The home was a spacious three bedroom home in the northern New Jersey area that he wanted to leave roots in. Featuring a fair price in a growing neighborhood, Paulitzki was ready to make this home for sale his. However, there was one problem Ė for all of its great qualities, the home that he wanted to buy was missing that extra ornamental touch that gives a home its charm.

Rather than running away from a good business purchase, Jeff Paulitzki did the sensible thing and bought the home. After all, while one person can look at the negative of having to adorn a home, Jeff saw the positive: he was working with a blank slate. Much like how Picasso creates beautiful art from a blank canvas, Jeff Paulitzki worked diligently to make his barren home into a masterpiece. Fast forward, a year later, and Paulitzkiís home has increased its market value substantially. What had once appeared to be an unimpressive home had become the house in the neighborhood that people would stop at and look at wistfully. With its classic yet modern touches, many people have asked Jeff what the secret of his redecoration was. The answer it turns out to be quiet simple: ornamental concrete.

Ornamental Architecture

Also known as decorative concrete, ornamental concrete is an innovative and practical way for homeowners to decorate their homes. While ornamental concrete techniques date back many, many generations ago, they were generally used for large scale buildings. When looking back at the history of architecture, ornamental decoration was considered an instinctive part. Ancient Egypt was the first civilization that has been documented to add decorative aspects to their buildings. These extra ornamental flourishes continued to the times of Ancient Greece to modern times. These examples of ornamental architecture did not just use concrete as its medium but also were applied in stone, wood, clay, and precious metals.

This usage of ornament in architecture had been a staple in the field for centuries. However, in recent decades, ornamental architecture has declined in popularity. Many architecture experts point to the works of Swiss architect Le Corbusier and the innovative German art and architecture school Bauhaus effectively redefined architecture by removing much of the ornamental detail from their work. While modern architecture has been defined by its simple and honest look, there are signs that ornamental architecture is making a comeback.

While ornamental touches can create a garish display in massive buildings, it can really add a personal touch to a personís home. When properly done, ornamental architecture complement the structure of a home and gives it that extra touch that people canít ignore. One of the most effective tools in ornamental architecture is the use of ornamental concrete, which we will examine.

This Thing Called Ornamental Concrete

Although the use of ornamental concrete dates back to thousands of years ago, it really has only become accessible for people since the beginning of the 20th century. It was during this time that technology in concrete manufacturing advanced to the point that creating ornamental concrete was much less expensive and time consuming. With the development of concrete block forming machines that were easy to use, ornamental concrete has become one of the easiest and most effective ways for homeowners to decorate their homes.

Lightweight ornamental concrete is a diverse material that can be used in a number of fundamentally different ways. One of the most popular uses of ornamental concrete is utilizing it for insulation. However, this isnít a very aesthetic use of ornamental concrete, although the material is effective for insulating purposes. In terms of visuals, a fantastic use of ornamental concrete is using them to create stepping stones. An effective way to create a path to your front door or as an accessory in the backyard, ornamental concrete created stepping stones are a classy touch and also practical.

Another fantastic way to use ornamental concrete is to create concrete boulders that can be placed outside of your home. Although this may not sound like a promising decoration for your home, the good thing about ornamental concrete boulders is that it allows people to shape these concrete boulders in a unique way. Whether itís etching some intricate designs on the concrete boulders or painting the boulders in interesting patterns or even sculpting them to create an artistic piece, using ornamental concrete boulders is a great way to add a personalized artistic touch to your home.

There have also been instances where people utilize ornamental concrete to create ornamental concrete furniture. A great way to adorn your backyard, tile inlaid ornamental concrete furniture products is available at a number of ornamental concrete manufacturers. With the possibility of making your design ideas come true with ornamental concrete, there really is no reason why you should ignore this remarkable technology.


Letís be honest Ė your house is your home and it should be treated like that. Many homeowners make the mistake of buying a home and failing to take the time to properly decorate it. Itís so strange to think that any homeowner would do that especially considering the vast investment of money and commitment they display in purchasing a home for sale in the first place.

Besides increasing your homeís market value, decorating your home is just good for your soul. After all, taking pride in the way that your home looks will have a profound impact on the way that you go on with your day to day activities. Decorating your home doesnít have to be overly expensive and one of the most effective ways that you can decorate your home is to adorn it with ornamental concrete products. With its diverse uses, ornamental concrete allows its users to let their imaginations run wild. Make your home your palace and go the Jeff Paulitzki route of using ornamental concrete today! Youíll find that you wonít regret it!