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Whatever I wish to cuss or discuss

Lunacy: Finding Sanity in Life's Little Things
A diary of Seinfeld-esque ramblings from a 30-something stay-at-home mom.

Living As Therapy
Living is My Therapy

Yellow Dog Dem
A died in the wool Democrat from Denver gives analysis on local, state, and national politics.

A Single Full-Time Dad Figures It Out...

Mile High Delphi
Mile High Delphi is devoted to predicting Colorado and National elections with a 99% accuracy. We cut through the bs of the media and the polls. Two men, one liberal, one conservative, armed only with ...

HighPlainsView OLD FARM Pictures
Pictures of the "Old Days" for Family, Friends & the Curious.

Quiet Reverie
American Indian, happily married, mother of 3.

A Mountain Top
Inspiration from the top of the world. A blog about life, technology and people.

aspirations and perspiration
What I strive for, what I believe, what I do, what I want.... (updated sporadically)

Life as a working single Mom.

Knitting at 5337
Mostly a journal recording my knitting adventures, with a little bit of life thrown in for good measure.

The Cat Ate It
This page discusses life in general as well as my hobbies of knitting, running occasionally and going out on the town with my beau.

A center-right perspective on political, social and religious issues.

Mali's Meandecommunitys
Meandecommunity thoughts about life in general from a 40-something, (single mom of three young men) who works full time and is going to graduate school full time.

My 95 Theses
Commentary on Cherry Creek High School, political/current events

The Adventures of Andrew Lee
Claremont McKenna College student delivecommunity Democratic solutions to his beloved state, fighting for peace, justice, and equality. Tributes to college, people, society, and life.

Life under Flatiron....mostly tired in my research of saving the world

Peter Hoskins' Blog

Prepare yourselves for a wild, wacky ride into the unknown reaches of time and space. Burble with me friends. Burble!

One Destination
Travel without a destination is aimless wandecommunity. Every journey has one destination. Continuing the tradition of process analysis and deductive reasoning that built the greatest civilizations. Deducing ...

Prairie Doll
Just one girls thoughts. No more no less. Musings on work, love, people, animals, and music.

Biting wit helps one to swallow the daily chum from the bucket of life.

Convoluted Insanity
Anger and frustration with no apparent target. Ingest that verbal poison. Humor, wit, free thought, bitter and caustic rants and musical discussion. If you don\'t like to laugh, or are easily offended, ...

I am not a handbag
Why do I love fiber art? Years ago, I dug out my grandmother’s crazy quilt and started researching how to “fix” it (the silk had all shattered). This started my long exploration of embroidery, quilting, ...

Mile Hi Buzz | Denver Coffee Shops
This blog is dedicated to the Denver coffee house scene. Reviews and discussions of all \'non starbucks\' coffee shops.

About a fat working mom trying to be really, really perfect.

In the Pink

Ride to Life

Is this my life?
Just a personal blog of daily thoughts and happeneings in a girls life.

Witless Relocation Program
Adult site with nude art pics as well as an occasional interjection by the 30-something blog author

The Drunkablog
Hard-hitting yet never cruel, serious yet never solemn, funny yet never sarcastic, Drunkablog is a pathological liar who likes to pick on people, some of whom, like Ward Churchill, have a Colorado connection. ...

Cool Cucumber
Sarah's ramblings on teaching, being a new dog owner, wine drinking, faith, and music.

Mind Scribbles
Mind Scribbles is a personal journal of this Colorado pagan's daily life & events as I manage to pull myself back into the world of blogging.

feed scott
Business geek oriented.

This is Class Warfare
A short, but not exhaustive list of things that I despise might include: right wingers, George W. Bush, "losing" the covers at night, car mechanics that "find" problems for me, driving on icy roads, greedy ...

Students for Bill Ritter
A blog for students supporting Bill Ritter for the next Governor of Colorado.

What Would Jesus Do For A Klondike Bar?
I am a recent Cabrini College graduate accepted into the Cabrini Mission Corps. This is my journey of the year of service. I will be with the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus(MSC), Mother ...

Colorado-for-Free is a fun and adventurous guide to FREE activities, events, tours, music, and many other FREE things to see and do throughout Colorado.

You live in Colorado. You want to vote. You can come here and get the low down on all the amendments, referenda, and statewide office contests facing the music on Nov. 7th, 2006.

Crazy Bloggin' Canuck
I am an adventure travel writer turned adventurous-unraveling mother. Join me for all my humorous exploits on our journey!

Just a journal I write about the things I see or do while I'm in the Navy and deployed to Iraq as a medic for my Marines.

The Window
Look inside the window and see...

As My Weight Loss World Turns
This blog is devoted to my journey in weight loss. Join me in my quest & watch me as I shed weight before your very eyes.

The Days Are As Follows
I am Mr. Stone. These are my days, and they are as follows. For the most part.

Truth and Tall Tales
A compendium of anecdotes, articles, opinions, reviews, and fiction.

Mercenary's Cookbook
Cooking up controversy in an overly safe public discourse, as a recipe for security in a dangerous world.

Pied Type
General blog, mostly politics, by a Denver retiree

The Left Wing Conservative
This is an Internet Only Radio & TV show for the average Pat. Advocating for the vast majority of us who, contrary to the beliefs of the Republican Party, DO NOT own our own home and/or business and MUST ...

Tracy Earles' Without a Net
joining the fray -- discussions of my experiences as an entrepreneur, father, husband, and ...