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One idea can be very different to different minds...A collaboration among writers, bloggers, journal keepers, and other interested parties. Focus will be on one theme per month. Entries submitted will be linked from the site. All in the name of creativity, with serious writers encouraged to join as well.

the Captucommunity
My collaborations page, where I link to entries for several different collabs. Also on my site: my sometimes revealing blog, original artwork, and more about who I am.

Reflections of Roses and Thorns
A collection of my own writing inspired by various writing collabs.

{;}contemporary, minimalist poetry

My Join This! collaboration entries.

Alicia\'s Writing Forum
A site to discuss my writings or readings or anything else that come to my mind.

Personal journal and creative writing outlet of a typical loopy blonde with an ample supply of intelligence, yet somewhat lacking in social skills and common sense.

Need a Storyline?
We write stories that can be used for various types of Multi-media productions etc. Our company has great interest in the Anime and Manga genre. Our stories can be used as the basis of your ...

Poetry is huge today; just try googling the word. Why couldn\'t a news columnist spice up his work with a few lines of poetry? Why couldn\'t a cartoonist hire a poet to do the captions? Help me find ...