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im afraid of britney spears
pretty self-explanatory, a clique against britney spears.

Daydream Sweetly
A clique for all of those wonderful people who constantly find themselves daydreaming about that special character from either an anime, manga, or even Nintendo! Please join! Non-hentai site required.

am I really?
Are you really what people think? They meet you for the first time (or they don't meet you at all!) and already they seem to have assumed you to be bitchy, or bocommunity, or whatever. That's what this ...

Rock *
All about the music.

jump, little webclique
A clique for fans of the band Jump, Little Children.

chaos creations
this is a badge based clique

I'm Real
My Cliques

Michelle, My Belle
Michelle Trachtenberg appreciation!

be a joiner
I have way too many of these things. Join one.. or two.. or everything!

Homoeroticism Yay!
A clique for those who like their "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" a little bit...gay.

Clique about what you think is so delicious...

Rock & Roll Star - A Will Hoge Fan Clique
A clique for fans of Will Hoge. (www.willhoge.com)

I Write
A clique for those who write - poets, story tellers, and fan fic writers. Anyone can join - you just have to write!

A clique where you can claim your own bishounen or bishoujo! Yummee!! ^_^

I love kao-anis - The Clique
This is a clique for those who love to make kaos or to collect them on the Web. :)

Sweet LOVE
a clique for love...

Love Will Find a Way
In a perfect world, one we've never known, love will never need to face the world alone...

a collective of links to all kinds of fan related websites, fanfiction, archives, fan art, galleries, blogs, ljs, and more.

Until The Wee Hours Of The Morning
This clique is to unite people who all have a problem with either getting to sleep, going to sleep, or getting off the computer to go to sleep. I started it after waking up in the middle of the afternoon ...

Megumi Kurogane
Clique for Megumi Kurogane fans and those who do not hate her. (Gatekeepers)

i love guys with guitars
if you love a guy with a guitar, please join! yeah that's pretty much it. aren't they just so HOTT???

Jack Lives!
Just a clique for people who refuse to accept that Jack Dawson in Titanic died.

Nothing left to lose
A clique for people who express themselves threw their sites.

A small li'l clique where you can claim your favorite bishie. =D

Addicts Anonymous
The clique for hopeless addicts! Everything from makeup to Lord of the Communitys, shopping to TV! There's a button for anything and everything!