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a clique for uglygirls

A clique for music lovers.

Itazurana Kiss
An Inuyasha clique supporting Inuyasha and Kagome's 'first' kiss! and the Inuyasha series as a whole: Manga, Anime and Movie!{;}

Join My Cliques!
Which Brady Girl are You Most Like?, Class of 1999, Sisters, Love is Wonderful, I Want to Be like Cinderella, Spoiled Rotten, Kitty & Puppy Cliques, and more to come.

Heros' journey
A clique devoted to the support of one of the strongest and best female characters out there - Buffy Anne Summers.

Sweet LOVE
a clique for love....

Penpal Project
A clique for penpallers and a place to find penpals!

::{ Poetic License }::
A clique for those who respect freedom of expression

*ash*'s cliques
Cliques about movies, lyrics, and life{;}

diabolical adonis
Clique dedicated to the best villian ever, Dilandau from 'vision of escaflowne'.

Crazy Ass Bunch Of Pychos
This site is a clique dedicated to all those who consider themselves, crazy or insane and are proud to be so.

jump, little webclique
A webclique for fans of the band Jump, Little Children. Part of a fan website.

A clique for showing that you love the Summon/GF/Aeon, etc., Shiva. ^^

Nothing But Love
An anti-discrimination web clique.

Sassy *n Sweet
It's for everyone... who wants to feel that bit of glam that makes then sassy, or that little angel that makes them sweet

A clique where people who hate a certian charater or charaters can show that they hate it.

Star-Crossed Lovers
A clique for your favorite Star-Crossed Lovers!(couples that couldn't or aren't suppose to be together)

my name is Jenna
a clique for people named Jenna

be a joiner
I have way too many of these things. Join one.. or two.. or everything!

Promote Equality!
Promote Equality! is an equal rights clique with emphasis on non-discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Love Will Find a Way
I may not be brave or strong or smart, but somewhere in my secret heart, I know, love will find a way...

The New York Four
A Roswell clique specifically for the dupes.

Claim Your Music
for people that want to claim their favorite band!

Puccipride - Cuteness clique
A community for all those people who feel puccipucci (i.e. *very* cute) and are proud of it.

Dorene Lorenz
Only half the lies are true in these tales told by Alaskan author, artist, designer Dorene M. Lorenz.

Anime Eyes
A simple webgroup for anime fans. Let your favorite character watch over your site.