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This is the ORIGINAL community for those that run their very own cliques! If you run a clique, and would like people to join it, this is the community for you! Be a part of the community that started it all!

This is a clique for people who love cheese curds!{;}

Clit Clique
A clique for anyone, male or female, gay or straight, who support a womans sexuality, independent of men's sexuality.

the troopers clique
a clique for people who like to make/use stor troppers

A collective of links to fan-related sites, fanfiction, personal fan sites, fan blogs, fiction archives, anything fan-related

Young & Hopeless
Inspired by Good Charlotte's song "The Young and the Hopeless"

Clique-ity Split
A new site, but will soon have a lot to offer. Several cliques available to join. Almost anyone can become a member!

Ancient Texts
a clique for lovers of all things ancient. Students and others interested in either ancient history, culture, literature, or languages are welcome to join.

Fresh Femininity
A clique focusing on female anime characters.

a clique for those who like bishonens and ukes and want to catch one for their own.

Eternity ~ A clique to Usagi and Mamoru
This is a clique/shrine to Usagi and Mamoru. Members can pick between text or picture codes. Fanfics, polls and lots more!

I Wanna Be Bad
This is a clique for those who admire the evil villians/villianess' that bcommunity havoc and distruction to this world. You pick a villian/villianess and post him/her on your site.

Clique Chic
This is more or less the jump off page to the cliques I've completed and am in the process of developing. They (are supposed) to range from catpeople to bishounens to cards to *rambles* Anyway, I tried ...

Homoeroticism Yay!
A clique for those who like their "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" a little bit...gay.

so innocent
a clique about those who look innocent, when deep down, they're really a wild child inside.{;}

Precious is a clique about what you find precious to you, so join today!!

Nocturnal Refractions
3 quality cliques that are every growing!

Ivy's Cliques
Ivy's cliques has several fun cliques to join, with your pick of text or graphical cliques.

I Love Peanut Butter!
A clique for peanut butter lovers everywhere!{;}

/// Proud Hispanic \\\
This is a site for all the hispanics on the web that are DAMN proud of their roots! (Also for the people who love all things Latino!){;}

Rock & Roll Star - A Will Hoge Fan Clique
A clique for fans of Will Hoge. (www.willhoge.com)

The Band Geek Clique
A clique for people who are proud to be "band geeks"

The Lord of the Communitys Sex Slave Clique
Choose a character from the Lord of the Communitys Trilogy for your very own sex slave.{;}

They Rock...
A clique for people who like bands that don't suck...

For the love of barefeet.

Tortured By Thought
For anyone who is tortured by their thoughts.