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Star Trek: Voyager and it's Captain, Kathryn Janeway and crew. Star Trek, DS9, Enterprise and TNG sites also welcome to join.

J9's Kate Mulgrew in Australia Page
A Celebration of Kate Mulgrew's visit to Australia in April 2000 to attend conventions in Melbourne and Sydney.

Voyager Crew
This site includes pictures of the voyager crew.

enzosprite's fanfic page
AU/Coda Fanfics with happy endings. Prominently J/C and P7.

The Voyager Universe
Tons of information and fun stuff on Voyager and its cast and crew

Myke's Star Trek Site
Winamp skins, messenger skins, and AIM icons for all the Star Trek series and movies.

JumPing beans
This is a PG-13 Star Trek Voyager website dedicated to the relationship between Kathryn Janeway and Tom Paris.

Katie's Star Trek Site
star trek site

The Voyager Universe
A Voyager site with the latest on the last season of Voyager plus pictures, character and crew guides and much much more.

The Cortical Fissure Matrix
A science fiction historical archive for Star Trek, Babylon 5, Doctor Who, anime, and the Blair Witch Project. Home of the USS Adapt (NCC-6773) disability rights public service group.

The Talaxian Trader's Corner
The unofficial fan site dedicated to Ethan Phillips and his role as the character Neelix on Star Trek: Voyager. The site includes information on upcoming Voyager episodes, actor activities outside the ...

A Touch of Kathryn Janeway
A site totally for Janeway fans (it is a site in progress, since I had some tecnical difficulties getting on-line to finish it, I am working on it now)

Quarters of Kate
A website set up to complement the Yahoo Group 'Kate's Quarters'.

The House of Torres
A Fanlisting dedicated to Voyager's Cheif Engenier: B'Elanna Torres.

The Night Owl
The Night Owl houses Janeway and Chakotay fanfiction, as well as a few other types...but I am /not/ as strong an advocate of those paicommunitys as I am J/C.

Chelsey's Enterprise Page
Contains information on the show Enterprise, reviews, fan fiction, comments, screenshots, character galleries, quizes, book info, quotes, episode guide and more.{;}

Janeway's Ready Room
Ready Room full of Captain Janeway/Kate Mulgrew links!