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This is a collection of sites with information that is related to all makes and models of classic cars. All makes and models are welcome. You don't have to own a car to join, but your page must be about classic cars.

The Javelin Home Pages
The Largest AMC Website on the Web!

{;}See my l973 pink and red metalflake Eldorado convertible, also known as Pink Champagne. Take a "virtual" ride along the southern California coast, as you relax in the pink and red velvet seats.....and, ...

Chad's Exotic Car Page
Picture Gallery including classic Corvettes, classic Mustangs, and exotic cars.

Central Alberta Classic Ford Club
The Central Alberta Classic Ford Club is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of Ford and Mercury automobiles in the Red Deer, Alberta, Canada area.

Buzzard's Nest
The Buzzard's Nest back to the 50's any thing for the 1900 -2000 come and see

This has info on all classic cars from 1908 to 2002 and up

Ben's Car Page
Site features my "Carousel Red" 1976 Pontiac Trans Am, and my 1960 Plymouth Savoy. Numerouse photos of both cars, specs on both cars, and "Links" to other automotive related sites.

JMK Classic Car Research
JMK Classic Car Research - Appraisals, Parts For Sale and Wanted, Appraisal Consultation, Southfield Michigan

1946-48 Plymouth Nostalgia & Reference
The site features an extensive amount of advertising and brochure images, a current and nostalgic photo gallery, media events, music and license plates of the era as well as Plymouth Reference Links.

Misfits World of Cars
A place for all auto enthusiasts to come and browse. Nothing but photos and links dealing with cars, trucks, or the pursuit of speed. So, stop in, look around and tell me what you think.

Classic Curves Car Gallery
Classic cars of all sorts, engine wavs, by Kenny Chubbuck

Hendrix Wire Wheel
Ever dream of riding on a cloud?{;}Now it's Possible! Take the shake out of your car and live your dream. An Official Austin-Healey Service Department.

Buick Model Ten
A site that showcases the 1908-1910 Model Ten automobile built by Buick Motor Corporation. Features pictures, technical data, and a bulletin board for information exchange.

M.A.~a.k.a.~PrairieGal's Page
Pictures of cars in the Car Section.

Doc & Becky Hemp's Classic Car Site
All about classic cars, Pebble Beach, lots of photos, music, Best of show - Pebble Beach 2000. Packards, Cadillac,Duesenbergs, etc.

The Rebel Machine Scrapbook
A site dedicated to the photo-documentation and preservation of all Rebel Machines, regardless of condition.{;}Send pics/email/register your Machine

The Jefferson Collectibles
A Car Club located in Jefferson, Wisconsin, All makes and models welcome!

Motor Madness Web Site - Ford Cortina MkII V8 - Check it out
See the build up of my 300bhp+ 5.2 litre V8 MkII Ford Cortina, including lots of other modified cars, cars and parts for sale and wanted and some fun things including Virtual Drag Racing.

Craigs SS Monte Carlo Page
{;}My 88 SS Monte Carlo, Pictures, Links

Hey! Look my car
A good place to find informations about classic cars

Bear Mountain Performance
Along with my 1968 HEMI Charger R/T this web site contains a my personal For Sale/Wanted list, an Online Fleamarket, Classified Ad Links, Family's Vehicles, Mopar/GM F-Body/AMC Information, Automotive/Non-Automotive ...

Reds Kish Restoration
Pennsylvania Restoration shop specializing in Ford Mustang, Boss, Shelby, and Thunderbirds.

Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang ... The Original Pony Car

eagleiclassic cars
We find that pride and joy you used to drive.

Robert E. Giles
1930 Model "A" Ford Deluxe Coupe and 1926 Chrysler "50" Series Club Coupe for sale.

Classic Cars

You might imagine that the greatest car enthusiasts would be interested in the newest most advanced cars and eager to know about new cars before theyíre put on the market. These car lovers do exist but many of the greatest car enthusiasts are more interested in classic cars. In the United States especially, there are a great number of classic car owners. Now and then, a number of classic car owners will bring their Classic Cars together for a classic car show. Classic cars can be worth quite a lot of money, therefore, most classic car owners have some sort of classic car insurance. When it comes to taxes and insurance, the way we define a classic car becomes very important.

Classic Cars

Whatís a Classic Car? There are many different definitions of a classic car depending on whom you ask. Some say that any old car kept in good working condition is a classic car. Others claim that a classic car can only be a car that was made between 1925 and 1948. For the very serious classic car collectors, a classic car may only include cars that were made before 1948 and also have special classic car characteristics, such as classic car upholstery, finishes, brakes, and so on. Some also say that only certain models should be called classic cars. For these classic car elites, thereís a classic car club of America that sets the standards. So how do you know if that broken down car on your lawn is a classic car? Ask someone at the classic car club.

Classic Car Trader

People who own classic cars take a lot of pride in restoring and maintaining their classic car. Though classic cars are very expensive, there are those that collect classic cars and use a classic car trader service to trade Classic Cars with other Classic Car owners. If I were looking to trade my classic car for another classic car, I would go to Cuba. Americans canít use a Cuban classic car trader but Canadians could take advantage of some of the beautiful classic cars that Cuba has to offer. Because the United States have cut off trade with Cuba, Cubans have had to make do with the same cars theyíve been using since the fifties. Because a lot of these cars are from before the war and because theyíre in great condition, Cuba has one of the greatest collections of Classic Cars in the world. This must drive American classic car traders crazy. Instead, American classic car traders trade classic cars with each other. For me, a classic car trader doesnít make sense unless you have a massive collection of classic cars. The average classic car owner must put a lot of work into restoring their classic car, and to trade their classic car for someone elseís classic car would mean losing a piece of themselves. Thatís why itís especially hard for a classic car trader to sell a classic car.

Classic Cars for Sale

If youíre looking for classic cars for sale, you can contact classic car collectors personally or attend a classic car show. Classic cars for sale are not cheap. Because classic cars are no longer manufactured by definition, classic car parts are difficult to find and can be very expensive. If youíre restoring a classic car, you may have to get a lot of the classic car parts custom made. Though the rarest classic cars are generally worth a lot more, they also cost more to restore because the classic car parts are harder to find. If youíre interested in restoring a classic car yourself, you can often buy classic cars for sale that havenít been fixed up at all. Beware; classic cars for sale that havenít been restored usually need a lot of work and classic car expertise. If restoring classic cars is a hobby for you, consider listing your classic cars for sale online or at a classic car show. Some classic cars fetch a very high price if a classic car collector is interested. What it really comes down to is, whoís got the nicest, oldest, and rarest classic cars for sale. These are the classic cars for sale that are going to sell for the most money.

Classic Car Insurance

Classic car owners invest a lot of time and money in their classic cars. Some even drive their classic cars around town. Imagine of someone were to ding your classic car in a parking lot. It would cost far more to fix than most cars. Thatís why thereís special insurance for Classic cars called classic car insurance. Classic car insurance is for classic cars that meet specific classic car criteria. Classic car insurance rates also depend on the classic car model and the year the classic car was built. So basically, classic cars cost a lot of money. One advantage however, is that some classic cars of a certain age are tax-free. You might even use the money you save on classic car tax to buy classic car insurance. And as far as insurance goes, can you ever have too much classic car insurance? Really?

Classic Car Show

The greatest classic car collectors often display their classic cars in a classic car show. Classic car shows are common in the United States as well as Canada. While many of the visitors to classic car shows are classic car owners or classic car traders, a lot of these classic car shows are open to the public. Sometimes you can even find classic cars for sale at classic car shows, if their owners are willing to part with their classic cars. Keep in mind that classic cars for sale come with a lot of extra expenses, including classic car insurance, as discussed. Classic car shows are often held outdoors in the summer or indoors in bad weather. The last thing a classic car owner wants is to get rained out a classic car show. Many classic cars werenít sealed like they are today and water would damage the classic carís interior. Thatís why classic car owners keep their classic cars in garages when theyíre not at classic car shows.