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Fairy and Mermaid Picture Galleries!

Swannsong Designs
Web designs for your home page. Free for personal non comercial use.

Whispecommunity Woods
Fairy site with original tales, fun and a fairy filled woods.

Fairy Sweet Songs Realm
Visit my realm where the fae fly free and the dragons and unicorn romp and play. If ye be tired, sit on a shroom and read a fairy tale or visit my fantasy artists. When you leave, you too will say, "I ...

Mysteries of Trox
Journey into the wonders and mysteries of the Thunderbolt Cherokee thru the eyes of a Cherokee family.

Mebutterfly Girls Home Page
Faeries, faeries and butterflies, all in the same place.

Sri Lanka by Roos
Visiting wonderful places,ruins of old kingdoms,Buddhist an Hindu temples,lovely scenery at tea plantations,wildlife,elephant orphanage,sea turtles

Twyla Fae's Wonderland
Faerie poetry and quotes, I believe in the Fae, inspirational poetry, angels, memorial pages

Susan, Queen of Swords
My realm is full of magical places and things to do. You can find the lost swords or a dragon's treasure! Also find the artifacts in the West Wing Maze, or be lost to all. On a more serious side, links ...

Riache's Inn
A warm and cozy place to visit, full of imagination and friendship!

~Fairy Dreaming~
My site is a fairy world where I can let my friends see what I see. It tells it's own story from page to page.

Harmony's enchanted Hearth
Please do come in and visit for a spell. Warm thyself by my fire ! Ye all be welcome here ! Let this faery loving, Eclectic Witch warm your heart and open your mind to the world of Magick ! The heart of ...

Circle of the Green Faery
Spellwork, Articles, Newage and Original poems and more...see my beautiful faery, Destiny. I am adding more all the time.

Alundain - Los seres de la Luz
This is the site of the light´s beings, The Fairy World is waiting your visit, come and see, read celtic legends, and more. Spanish site with some translations for english people. Also, join the Community ...

Barb's Musical Notes: Spoutwood Faerie Festival
Description of the Spoutwood Faerie Festival in York County, PA, faerie pictures, link to faerie zing album and related faerie sites, poetry

Luvzbluez Fairy Communitys
Stories, poetry and graphics on Fairies. Also have sites dealing with Angels, Dragons, Child abuse and Domestic Violence. Lots of personal poetry.

PatKeyMouse House
Collector of Beauty. I BELIEVE! Do You?{;}If you don't, you SHOULD! My personal{;}collections of Faeries, Dragons, Mickey{;}Mouse, Dolls, Bears and Coca-Cola.{;}Come join my enthusiasm!

Windy Nights
Fantasy and fractal art by a graphic designer.

Esmeralda's Homepage
A little bit of everything*(~_~)*

~*A FAIRY'S TALE*~My Website on Faes
My Site,is a "Beautiful" site on Faes,with Pictures,Poetry,Stories,Links,Communitys,and more!{;}

goldielox's lyrics page
A great site for finding lyrics to your favorite songs.

Fairy Poems and Other Children's Poetry
An illustrated anthology of classic fairy poems and other children's poetry. All pages contain original ink and pencil illustraions. Poets include, Rose Fyleman, Lewis Carroll,Walter de la Mare, Robert ...

Primrose Glen
Primrose Glen is a magical, mystical realm...home to Faerie Lark and Quill Pirie! Please come visit us! :)

The World of Fantasy
The World of Fantasy is filled with more than 300 pages of fantasy, faeries, wizards, dragons and holidays..containing, stories, poems, songs, recipes, fun and games..This is a Kid Sfae Site and still ...

fairy information, art, poetry, links and general things to share.

Lady Ritas Realm
A little bit of me. Fantasy, Angels, faeries, stories, music and poetry

Truff's Stuff
Communitys page...variety page

Lady Natasha's Realm
It is mostly fantasy have my fairies,Dragons,Unicorns.Tigers,and some dedicated pages

a site about faeries to inform people about how little we actually know of their existence. still under construction at the moment, hope to finish it soon

Elven Faire
My faerie page is dedicated to my love of the wee folk. A whimsical addition to my site. I also have pages about my family, favorite books, poetry, cross stitch, inspiration, holiday folklore and recipes. ...

Karenality's Pages
An index page to all 3 of my sites. My sites include: a Graphics site (where I can create resume's for you, Websets, adoptions, graphics, animations, etc.{;}A site where I have all the holidays listed ...

Dereth's Victorian Fantasy
A site about faeries,unicorns and other {;}magical creatures.

The Order of Croodzi
We are a mystical organization that believes in all kinds of magick, including faeries! We have many beautiful lake and snow effect pictures of Faeries, Unicorns, and other subjects. Come and see!

Sandra's Mystical Realm
A place where imagination runs free and fantasy reigns supreme.

sacred dream productions
goddess and faerie music- healing song-prayers and chants,by Lisa Thiel, available on C.D. and cassette

Mystical Reality
Very beautiful site w/lots of pictures and graphics, unicorns, and more

Sandra Dee's World of Fairies
Fairy poems, graphics, links and more.{;}Also available: fairy's for purchase.

lynn place
on my pages you will fine many thing frome angels, fairies,unicorn and graphics, and much more. and the love of my family. check back offen i up date my pages offen. lynn

Amethyst's Fae Enchantment
My new site is devoted to my recent fascination of the Fae, I believe!!{;}

Fairy Highland
Escape to Fairy Highland a dimension in fantasy. See over 600 dragons, Genealogy, Fantasy, Fairies, Star Trek, Games, and much more. Join the fun of the Website Competitions. If you have a website or ...

Selafais Project Part III
With{;}assosiation with the [Gods Dreamland] we will present to you the Selafais Project.{;}A Cthulhian fantasy Landscapes project in 6 parts.{;}

Crystals by Rob
This site is about crystals. How to program cleanse and charge your crystals. Some crystals for sale. Also an extensive list of gemstones with their healing properties and related chakras. And many pages ...

Ynys Sci
Communitys of my island

Aria's Stars
This is a site for the romantic; for one who loves life,one who lives in and out of the clouds, believes in fairies, angels, castles and knights; for one who tastes the rain, touches leaves, and still ...

Stormiee's Fairy Page
About Fairy's and other mythical creatures of lore

Valerie's Retreat
Something for everyone...extensive gallery of fairies (over 160 images!), angels & mermaids.

Yolande's Faerie Page
Enter a fantasy world full of Fae & mystical creatures! Lots of faerie & fantasy pictures and great links.

Amanda's Castle
A magical castle full of original fantasy images which you can adopt for your own page. Plus games, awards, stories, recipes, tutorials and much more!

Niada's Fairie Realm
fairie majik abounds and lifts us high

The Windharper
My personal corner of the web, with random essays, original poetry, and all my favorite things.