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Home of Faerie Godmother Fiona, the Save the Faerie Campaign, and the Clan of the Faerie

Silver Lining
A website dedicated to dantasy and scifi things. It has pictures, fanfiction and a hole lot of other stuff.

The World of Faeries
Distributors of Faerie Glen Fairies,Secrets Butterfly Fairies, Summit Fairy Collection, Dragonsite Fantasy Collection and Enchantica Collection, as well as unique sterling silver fantasy and celtic jewelry, ...

Cosmic Dimension
A sci-fi magazine from greece Our subjects are from sci-fi and Fantasy but also from the cinema, the music, the art, the comics, the modern Science

Faerie Magick
My Fae Home In The Shire!

Faery Unicorn
a place for the fae to frolic and play!

Original Artist Dolls by Angela Tabone
Handmade one-of-a-kind artist dolls, walking sticks, masks, etc. by Angela Tabone.

School of Spiritual Integrity
Courses and articles on a broad range of metaphysical subjects with an emphasis on kabbalah.{;}Develop your discernment and utilize "your own" inner voice.

The Enchanted Island
Come, traveler, to the Enchanted Island! Magick and faerie dust, dragons and unicorns....come and be enchanted!

Believe in Fairy Tales
Each "Believe in fairy tale collectible" is a UNIQUE polymer clay SCULPTURE. Fairy, Mermaids, Satyr, Centaurs, babies and Angels. {;}These artistic, one of a kind originals by Darla are hand sculptured, ...

Krista's Whimseys
A celebration of love, magick and beauty. Krista's Whimseys is home to the fae, adoptable wee folk, The Enchanted Charm Clique, and secret places!

Fiona's Faerie Cottage
Home of Faerie Godmother Fiona, {;}the Clan of the Faerie and {;}the Save the Faerie Campaign.

pjlmax's McD Page
{;}Mostly McDonald's toys, and collectibles. Plus some faerie and dragon pics I like.

A Fairy World
Fairies, Angels, Music Poetry and cyber adoptions

Elvenqueen Realm
Listen to the stories of an elvenqueen, the poems of a dragon, the adventures of Ylva, ... and much more

Lil Jac Angel
Site dedicated to angels, fairies, mythical creatures and the people who love and believe in them

Debbie's Fairy page
We have Fibromyalgia info, Unicorns,Fairy's,Health info... {;}All my links are at the Bottom of my page.{;}Please be patient for the Graphics to load.

Letters To Kelsey
This site consists of letters to my granddaughter, free graphics thru out the site, and Fairy Grandma's Cottage.

~~ * Faerie Land * ~~
Fairy Land! Signs of faerie approach, best time to see a faerie, the best place. Faerie Favorites. Fairy stories!{;}.: 'Twas the Folly of a Woodsprite :.

Deeva's WICCA Website
A personal, yet informative, website dedicated to the Craft and all things magykal.

Door to a World of Fantasy and Adventure
A website devoted to the books and plays that inspire the imagination and take us into forgotten lands of dragons, unicorns, fairies, and magic.

Taylor Ridge ~Castle in the Clouds
Greetings & Salutations ~ You are invited to attend the Castle in the Clouds & find an adventure. There are secrets within the Castle Walls & you are about to embark on a treasure hunt to solve them. ...

Fairies & Other Dolls
You can find here the most beautiful fairies handmade of polymer clay.Also,wings to make your own fairy dolls and dollshouse miniatures.Spanish and English site.

a forum and chat for people to post and rate other peoples lyric posts. you can also chat about anything you like

Land of the Faeries
A small site of faerie art & love of faeries.

site with poetry,graphics,and it will also contain graphics created by my husband{;}both in english and norwegian