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=^.^= Just another blog of some poor CLAMP addict. ^^,

CLAMP is my life (which I hope applies to everyone else too ^_^)

Wakusei no chou
My blog about myself.(in fr)

A lost otaku's trials and victories in trying to survive this life, and make his way back home...

Chocolate Rain
ramblings, ramblings and some other ramblings. It's a blog what else do you want to found on it? ^_^

I am the coolest 11yr old EVER! Nah, nah! I love CLAMP, Love Hina, and anime/manga in gerneral.

start raving
My personal dumping ground where I talk about everything and nothing. I have some neat links though...

*~*Watashi no namae Gaijin desu.*~*
A simple blog about a simple person, and fairly new. Actually, it's VERY new. ^_^;;;

Silver Unicorn
My little french blog ^^ Rants and ramblings, do not read if you wish to keep your sanity ^-^;

Angelic Reflexion
Just my little blog...

Useless Thoughts
Rants and ranblings of a dangerously psychotic cookie.....really....I swear

weblog featucommunity clamp layouts

Dreams in Digital
Online weblog of a gal who loves anime and manga. CLAMP-wise, especially Chobits! :D

Where I talk about my favorite manga group: CLAMP ^_^

The End
Yet another X RPG dedicated soley to bcommunitying you quality entertainment through the pure weirdness of others! Join today! XD

Dreaming in Shades
A tale of a quirky blogger and her weird habits... o.O;

Naoko's blog. CLAMP (especially Tokyo Babylon, X, and Lawful Drug), music of all sorts, books, and cookies frequently discussed. Especially CLAMP. ^_^

hear me roar.

~~Dragons Du Ciel Blog~~
Mon blog avec Arashi et Sorata....j'y raconte ma vie et mes gout (X1999 en force ^^!)

Creamy Soup
A personal blog of someone obsessed with CLAMP. x]

Silver Dragon's Lair
Un blog donde contar mi vida del día a día

me bloggie that i try to update here and then ^^ and put things/sites that i find interesting up on it. oh details about my day too ofcourse :P

a blog... of sorts. ^_^;

Anti-Shell Matter
Anti-matter for the world's shell.

A blog of two looney friends =]

Disorderly Coconuts
Rants, raves, and random ramblings. The blog of a Brooklyn anime/manga fan.

Aqueous Transmission
Kirisame's blog! See the rants of a venezuelan-spanish girl completely obsessed with CLAMP works and bishounens. Right now, longing to read more XXXholic ^-^


Willfully Disturbed
I write. A lot. Of things I should be arrested for. ^^

My blog and personal site, filled with randomness.

A CLAMP fan weblog.

The blog on an insane yaoi/manga/anime fangirl ^_^

a personal blog...but always with CLAMP layouts!

Honey Eyes
Simply a weblog to keep close friends and 'family' updated about me. Plus rants on CLAMP, especially X and TB. Also contains links to writings, images and such by me.

Dare to Dream
a blog, a diary, a friend...a place to express my life in words...

day seventeen
A personal blog with posts about whatever piques my interest.