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A community for those blogs/logs to join if you like CLAMP! So please come join at once to show the love!

Midnight Moon
What's there to say? This is a blog on half my life!

A blog domain, personal site and collective of just another animanga fangirl who loves CLAMP and Takahashi Rumiko!

Loquacious Silence
Daily random thoughts and musings, often about anime, manga, webcomics and the like.

Caressing Sweet Memories
My web log, mainly about manga/anime.

Our Own Lil World
We're a bunch of crazy kids that absolutely love anime. We're all really good friends. Two great talented fanart drawers and a guy! ^_^ We all post at the popular messageboard, animenation. Chobits layout ...

.:Killing Me Softly:.
My Bloggie ^o^

.:. the light and the dark .:.
A follower of Madoshi Clef has her own weblog!

Yes, I am a CLAMP addict. I tend to ramble on about various weird things, though.

Eh, just a (semi-)normal blog. ^^ *has never been good at writing site descriptions*

o n e d i m e n s i o n a l
In fascination of bishounen in drag, pink inflatable rabbit-shaped mallets, strange pieces of writing, and Subaru and Seishirou going at it like bunnies.

Dream Along...
Rambling thoughts of an obsessive Fan!

the media review log of a Canadian female geek

cephiro, inc.
Magic Knight Rayearth group blog (well, soon to be when more people join)! and.. stuff? x.x

kakaru heiso
Just a personal blog where i can freely express myself without worrying about embarassment or stats.

fake smile
A cute blog about me, my manga, and my love of CLAMP Bishonen!

Weblog of daily observations, fangirlishness, and similar visscitudes (sp?).

Shi no Tenshi
I rant, I rave.. and talk about manga, of course. ^_^ Come check it out.

Wow. Amazing. Interesting. It's... my life.

somedays good, somedays bad
I think. I write. I ramble. And that about describes everything.

n o c t i l u c e n c e
Shoujo otaku blog. Anime, fencing, insanity, and the eating of Fluffy Kotori. Zutto.

Captured Butterfly
My daily rambles ^_^

Frozen Soul
ramblings about bishonen,anime/jpop music etc

Fangirl rantings

It's Rem Margot's blog and site-updates' page; Anime/CLAMP flavoured.

something witty.
No, I'm not a CLAMP obsessed and humorous girl. I just play one on t.v.