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Any sites relating to Clamp's works is welcome to join.

The Rayearth Bishounen Database
Here you'll find EVERYTHING you EVER wanted to know about ALL the cute MKR bishounen: Ascot, Clef, Eagle (the OVA one as well), Ferio, Lafarga, Lantis & Zagato!! ^^ Detailed shrines 2 everyone!

Jicky's Comics Wonderland
Feature several mangas (animes) which are mostly Clamp's, but there are others, with info, art, music, etc.

Sincere Smiles
A small shrine dedicated to Imonoyama Nokoru from Clamp Campus Detectives.

morning dew
A shrine to Ferio and Fuu from Magic Knight Rayearth. It has information, images, downloads, and more.

Private Heaven
Blog dedicated to CLAMP most of all, but also personal blah. ^o^'

Sakura Requiem
A fan works site for CLAMP's Tokyo Babylon & X/1999 crossover onmyouji, Sumeragi Subaru and Sakurazuka Seishirou.

Clamp Creations
small site, growing fast, tons of links to clamp sites, info and images to clamp animes and or mangas!