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A community for active Catholic bloggers and friends of CIN (www.cin.org).

A Penitent Blogger
Humble reflections - mindful of my imperfections, seeking to know Truth more deeply and to live Love more fully.

Catholic Fire
Catholic pro-life news and views, movie and book reviews, brief biographical sketches of the saints, poetry, prayers, musings

Mental Pompeii
Thomas Merton used a phrase in his classic book The Seven Story Mountain that has stuck with me - "mental Pompeii". I think this best describes the content of my blog. It will include the eruptions of ...

Against The Grain
Occasional reflections on philosophy, theology and politics by the maintenance guy for the Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club.

Ecclesia Militans
A bi-ritual blog containing musings on Catholic liturgy of both the East and West.

Light On Dark Water
Essays on general topics and poetry grounded in Catholic faith and sensibility; includes a regular weekly column, the Sunday Night Journal. Particularly interested in literature and music.

Rebecca's Rispostas
The ramblings of a stay-at-home, rosary-making, Girl Scout troop leading, Catholic Mom of one very active little girl.

One Bread, One Body
Blogs my journey with Christ and his Catholic Church. There is some emphasis on Christian Unity through a charitable meeting of doctrines and hearts, all with Christ in the center. Most likely biases would ...

Random Thought
This Blog focuses on the curious journey we make through faith and reason, tying rational thought together with faith.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel: Testimonies of Faith
Carmelite spirituality, prayer, meditation & contemplation.

Deo Omnis Gloria
Catholic apologetics blog focusing on the basics of Catholic teaching and contrasting them with protestant viewpoints.

My Domestic Church
The bloggings of a Catholic wife and homeschooling mother of six on issues and events that affect her family in their domestic church.

Living Catholicism
Catholic blog focused on developing an authentic Catholic culture within the family.

Catholic Apologetics of America
This site is dedicated to bcommunitying the lost sheep into the one sheepfold, the Catholic Church, which is the "pillar and foundation of truth" (1 Timothy 3:15). This site is meant to challenge common ...

This is a Catholic Blog focusing on the topics of who we are and who we are not in God's plan of creation. This takes us to issues of sex/gender, liturgy, creation, homosexuality, etc.

Half-Baked Taters
a spiritual journal of sorts and thoughts about the world

The Den Mother Speaks
A source of insight on all topics worth thinking about, the Den Mother tenders her opinion, analysis, and/or personal reflection on the subject of her choice. "You can fool some of the people all the ...

The Curt Jester
Puns, Parody, Politics, Punditry from a papist perspective.

Bark of Peter
A simple queston and answer blog about theology, taken from a Catholic perspective.

Focusing on Changing Organizations and Changing Persons, one blog at a time.

Thoughts of a Regular Guy
One of the voiceless, faceless millions of ordinary people in flyover country. Never interviewed, never published, never invited to speak. Here, my voice may be heard, my thoughts known.

Allan's Analysis
These are the musings of a Canadian, Catholic, Christian and somewhat conservative guy. I hope you enjoy.

Vivificat! is a personal weblog and information site providing news, information, opinion, and commentary from an orthodox and personal Catholic perspective.

Catholics, Musicians, Students
The musings of two college musicians at a Catholic university.

2 Hearts Network
Catholic online ministry dedicated to helping people cope with chronic illness through faith and prayer. Info includes: extensive online prayer book; Catholic dogma and apologetics; apparitions, miracles, ...