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One in six women in America today will never have a child. Some women deliberately choose not to have children. Others postpone motherhood, often in favor of a career, and then find themselves unable or unwilling to become mothers. Still others yearn for children and are unable to conceive or adopt. The common assumption is that women without children either suffer lifelong regret or tend to{;}be cold and

OK, I'm out to my family and friends...it's time to come out to the rest of the world. I don't want, nor do I like, kids. There. I've said it and I'm glad

CISS For Witches
Have you always been intrigued by the occult? Do you prefer night to day? Does a storm stir in you an inexplicable sense of excitement? Are you a sensualist? Have you always felt different from ...

I just decided to sit down and write what I thought! I have an opinion on everything as I am sure you do too. lets hear it!