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This circus is for all blogging women who take seriously their roles as nurturures and caregivers - and rock, oh yes, they need to rock. It is not limited to those who have sprouted and grown children in their bulbous mid-sections, but to those who see themselves as mothers. This can include past, present, and future child-bearers, Adoptive (both legal and unofficial) mothers, Aunts, friends and others who fill an active and positive role in the life of another person. Please sign up to join the community if you fit this description and have a site that, as stated previously - ROCKS. We all like to vent sometimes, but these sites should be largely uplifting and free of excessive bad language and gratuitous sexual content. Let's keep it PG. You may also be hilarious, if you so choose.

Birth Mother Heroes
Once a stay at home mom (my greatest career), now a full time therapist and a "mother" to many in various ways. Always wanted to hang a shingle out that said, "Mom Inside....come in a bake cookies". ...

What Makes A Housewife Depserate?
This is my life...the director's cut. Weird, Wild and Wonderful.

mom on a wire
A personal blog devoted to supporting women and mothers.

The Opiate of the Masses
Easy as 1-2-3? Hmmm ... come hang out with Poppy as she navigates life with one husband, two children, and three houses. Better than television for inducing a slack-jawed, drooling gaze.

Mommy Cooks
Cooking with kids, for kids, and sometimes in spite of them.

Life As Lou
It's all about Lou: Mother of two, Air Force Wife, Uprooted North Dakotan, Writer, Photographer, LDS, Control Freak, Creative, Curvy, Cute, Impatient, Amusing, Sleep Deprived, Musical, Crunchy, Silly, ...

A Beautiful Mess
Amusing and sometimes serious quandaries of a mother of four, a woman of one, a wife, a military spouse. Humorous ramblings of life with kids and life with a husband, which is sometimes more than I can ...

Pieces Of Cheese
Come on in and kick off your shoes for a bit of mommy therapy. We'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll change a diaper in between. The ins and outs of one woman's life as a stay-at-home mom.

Dacommunity Young Mom
Dacommunity to stay at home with two kids in Seattle, laughing at myself and hoping you'll join in the fun.

Making Things Up
Does it SEEM like I know what Iím talking about? Because I totally donít. The content is real (trust me, Iím not that inventive), itís just real life with three kids that Iím making up as I go along.

Mayhem In Mexico
An american mom in Mexico with stories to tell and mayhem to share!

smart mama
the thoughts of one smart mama on life - wacky mothecommunity escapades, my art and lots of other fun stuff

Mama blogs from the dining-room table while The Boy Child takes his afternoon nap.

Actual Unretouched Photo
A daily picture of my life in a thousand words, more or less. I have four children, three cats, two elbows and one husband.

Ramblings of a tired, and sometimes demented, mind.
Just your average, ordinary, semi-demented, recoving infertile, mothecommunity, English teaching lady.

Here Today, Probably Tomorrow Too
Come read about my thrilling adventures in SAHMdom. It's exciting! It's fun! And admission is free today!

Tales from the Crib
17 different women, 27 crazy children. 4 babies in utero. These are our "tales from the crib".

I am a 33 year old stay at home mom of three children under the age of 4. I own an online business called www.tutuboutique.com, which I operate and own with my husband. Needless, to say I will have a ...

Tripping Over Cobblestone
Fun stuff that happens as I trip down my cobblestone path of wifeyhood, motherhood, and selfhood.

It's A Mad World
Five kids a husband, and trying to find a little me time. It's a mad world, but I like it that way.

Ciao, Bella!
A new-to-the-world-of-blogging LDS sistah, with a deep desire for children and a deep-seated fear of pregnancy. Seriously, I am scared! Moving to Florida and wanting to nest in a serious way.

At A Hen's Pace
What does a hen do all day? Nothing but walk about in endless circles, pecking at this or that--yet she is one of the most creative and productive of God's creatures. Though my life mostly takes me in ...

Rarely-Home Mom
Follow the wild adventures of The Rarely-Home Mom, who knows that staying home is for sissies.

the mama
because I AM the mama, at least in my little world with the Chaos Girls and one Chaos Baby. I am the undercover older mother... shhhhhhhhh.

The tales of Mama D
Stories from the life of a new mom stumbling along.