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This is for sites that deal with circus arts, whether it's for individual shows, performers, news & events, history, etc.

Circus in Denmark
circusroutes, news and facts about circus in Denmark{;}

Ivan and Maya straps-silks aerial acrobats
Maxiboy Home Page was made to introduce 2 artists.Despite of their young age they have great experience in the field of revue and acrobatics (in the world of circus). The performance is spiced by self-made ...

Clowning Around at The Circus with Noggin Bodd
Clowning Around at The Circus with Noggin Bodd promotes storytelling through clowning. Noggin Bodd tells you a history of the circus.

Clown Kevin
Clown Kevin's fun site with lots to do, hidden things to find and discover. Hints and tips for parties, learn how to do clown makeup!{;}

Dante's Bullwhips
Robert Dante, Guinness World Record holder, performs bullwhip artistry for circuses, nightclubs, Wild West shows, conventions, using single whips, two-handed whips, blacklight whips, in whip dances with ...

Circusweb.de is a large circusfan-page with tons of private circus pictures, actual circusnews, discussion-boards, tourlists, private announces ... and ALL4FREE!! Come in, find out and enjoy.{;}{;}Best ...

Yoghurt's Homepage
A webpage all about the Australian clowning duo 'A Duck & Yoghurt Surprise', aswell as Photo galleries of Circus related subjects, including the Australian National Circus Festival.{;}

Trapezi on Aspen Valley Film.com
Flying trapeze, solo trapeze, double trapze, tissu silk, rigging expertise, stilt-trapeze act, creative projects.Private lessons, advanced traing, physical conditioning, performances, special events, from ...

Absolut Elephant
Information about captive and wild elephants by Dan Koehl, elephant consultant

Infos der GCD (Circusfreunde Deutschlands) Sektion Leipzig-Halle
Infos der Sektion Leipzig - Halle der Gesellschaft der Circusfreunde Deutschlands - Gastspieltermine - Kleinanzeigen, Photos{;}

Circus Fudge
Supplier to the known universe of the uniquely bonkers "Blunderfudge" show, the wonderfully madcap "In a Spin" street circus show and "Captain Clueless", the 9ft tall peripatetic pirate.

The Acme Miniature Circus
Trained fleas perform spectacular circus stunts as seen before (and on top of) the crowned heads of Europe. An authentic Victorian style flea circus that was picked as one of the top ten alternative circuses ...

Ikarian Act Marchenko
Ikarian Act leaded by Marchenko - unique acrobatic show of Russian Circus{;}

Everydaycircus is a St. Louis circus company based out of the fantastic City Museum. We offer entertainment and classes to come to you or at City Museum.{;}


Monde du jonglage
Juggling,Juggling,Juggling, with move,1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 balls.-----> Monde du jonglage

Circus Royale
Circus Royale - Australian circus with international and Australian performers, circus animals and all the fun of the bigtop.{;}{;}

Fool Time Circus
Fool Time Circus is an ensemble of performers and educators devoted to promoting, performing and teaching circus arts in order to build confidence, expand life choices and inspire artistry. Projects ...

The John F. Ivory Roman Riders
All about the Roman Riders at the John F. Ivory polo club in Detroit and Union Lake, MI. Adoptable romanriding dolls and horse stories.

Duo Jenei perche-swing acrobats
Here is the example that everything is attainable with passion! Erika and András offer a special spectacle with a self-assured balancing, with an easy flexibility, by fighting the height in the community. ...

Duo Pospelov - aerial duo on silks
Julia and Oleg Pospelov - "The Blind Love", aerial duo on silks

Zoppe - An Italian Family Circus Since 1842
A fabulous European circus since 1842. Join us for an intimate circus experience rarely seen in the twenty-first century! Share our journey and see our family\\\'s circus that continues into it\\\'s third ...

A Real Turn Of The Century FLEA Circus!
The secrets of the Flea Circus are revealed, and photos of a modern day circus are shown. This site includes plans, fans, and more. Start scratching!

FLY ADAGE - Gilles and Olga (150)
Gilles and Olga - Adagio acrobatic couple, rope act, silks and strap act in duo.{;}International act

Kalinin Rollers
Acrobatic act of Russian Circus. Young acrobats on roller-skates.{;}

Gravitational Entertainment
Gravitational Entertainment Gravitational Entertainment is a circus website featuring, juggling, ladder balance, balloon twisting and all things circus! My name is Luke, I have had a passion for juggling ...

Stardust and Sledgehammers
"Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! We have for your delight and delectation, a written account direct from an extended season in the exotic south. Roll up! Roll up!.. the 'great southern tour' is about ...