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Inspirational site. Poetry forum. Free poetry posting. Peace on Earth.

My Communitys 2
Little of This and That...{;}Links to all my other pages...

Ezrael's Haven
This site offers reflections on the spiritual side of our often hectic lives, offecommunity a safe haven for people to post their own inspirational poetry and thoughts, request distant Reiki, and link ...

Nazirene Home Page
The teachings of Jesus restored by one of his faithful disciples who reincarnated into our present time in order to re-establish the original and pure teachings of The Way.

The Running Fox Pages / De Running Fox Pagina's
Running Fox Pages is a bilingual website, English and Dutch, shacommunity stories, texts, mandalas, illustrations and other artistic work in the fields of spirituality, awareness and personal growth.

Li's pages
poetry, fairy-tales and novels (most in german), theater, paintings, angels, ...

Dreamworks by Dee
Dreamworks contains inspirational poems and writings for everyone. There are poems for women about abuse and hope.{;}The pages contain applets and beautiful graphics. A site about LIFE!

Past Forward: Past Life Healing
Are You Being Harmed by Past Lives? Find out... At 250+ pages, Past Forward is the Biggest Site on Past Lives You'll find in this Lifetime! Our FREE exercises can help you... Enjoy Vibrant Health! Know ...

moonies link
family site just starting out...we are surviors of suicide..life does go on..{;}

Reiki Healing with Betty Lou
Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher in Woodbury, Minnesota. Teaches Reiki in all levels including Master/Teacher. Also offers Reiki healing treatments. Blessed Be!

Reiki With Trust LLC - Distance Energy Healing
Reiki distance healing is remote healing that helps stress reduction, depression treatment, test anxiety and so much more. Single event, 14 or 30 day energy healing sessions offered. Reiki Gift Certificates, ...

opqr3`s Spiritual Awakening
True Spiritual Events. Letters from around the World describing their Spiritual Events in their Life. My own Exeriences! Please Join me on this Journey of "opqr3`s Spiritual Awakening".

Opossum Sally's Goldenmean
This site contains articles and links on a wide variety of subjects including gardening, crafts, pets, poetry, jokes, writing, quips & quotes, health, cooking, and much more.

It has alot of intresting stuff

Wings of a Messenger
This site is about promoting spirituality, angels, metaphysical authors, worthy aids/causes, and alternative forms of healing. Also touched upon are topics about myself, my life, beliefs, movie reviews, ...

In Loving Memory of Tammy Wall
My site contains a little about my feelings after the suicide of my best friend, it also has a couple of poems that I wrote after her death, as well as suicide warning signs, hotline numbers, and a couple ...

Spiral and Joker's Road tales
Come and take a spiritual journey{;}that my husband and I took thru{;}cyberspace and life as 2 traveling nurses come see if you can find an angel to take home with you

Heather's Realm
Welcome, internet traveller...

Egogahan: Til We Meet Again
A site dedicated to the memories and ongoing communication of our loved ones who have crossed from this life to the next.

Spiritual Journey
This site is a description of my spiritual birth and growth, aimed at assisting others to help find their true spiritual selves.

Golden Heart, Sai Baba, meditation and sacred meditationsymbols.
The key to the meaning of life is meditation.Love is the path. The Golden Heart is that what you really are.Sacred symbols are powerful instruments to gain an higher consiousness.

Martine Saura presents her poetry and art gallerie, where also poet and artist friends are fitured.{;}Her works are inspired of a world hidden under the surface of reality. It speaks of love, power word ...

You've Reached NatureL MyStiK
Aloha from Hawaii! Basically this site is my first attempt @ creating something on the net! It is about me, my family, my friends, my island home, and some spiritual things that are important to me. ...

The Balancing Program
The Balancing Program site provides information relevant to soul growth and awareness. The program provides a process and technique designed to balances the Mental and Emotional Energies of the individual ...

Crystals By Rob
This site is about crystals and gemstones. How to program cleanse and charge your crystals. Some crystals and gemstones for sale. An extensive list of gemstones with their healing properties and related ...

Saura Art and Poetry
Martine Saura personnal site presents, in both English and French, her poetry and art work. She is found in the French Structuralism art movement by which her study of layers of thoughts is caught into ...

*Heavenly Angels*
This page has angel pictures, angel poems and some sayings dedicated to 2 of my most wonderful friends.

My Wiccan Ways
Learn more about Wicca. What its like and how to get started

Elemental Magic Thoughtforms
Deva's are also{;}known as "Nature Spirits" or "Elementals." These are living entities and energies that live in a{;}parallel world to ours.

Mandala: Circles of Life
Mandala's and Poetry: a spiritual journey

Ask Dr. Chakras
Practical advice on personal growth and living spiritually in a material world. All-original material written from a uniquely enlightened perspective with a minimum of esoteric gobbledygook and an occasional ...

On Solid Rock Resources
Pages and pages of awesome angle pictures. Do you want to know more about angels? Visit this site!

BeAngels Web Home
About Angels, myself, my pets, women in history, my causes and communitys.

Angel Wings and Things
Has angel pictures and quotes,many good links to make you feel good such as midis,prayers,helpful pages for abused women and children,butterfly pages,and many more

Find Me
I am a spiritualist healer and also write inspirational poetry which you can read on my website. Please feel free to e-mail me.{;}{;}

Insights Into Life - Browse, Add Yours
Long ago I had a dream where I was asked to "add a verse to the book of life." I took that to mean contribute wisdom that summarized important insight gleaned from life that would be of benefit to all. ...

Jeanami's Hearth
My site is designed to bcommunity the best in human nature to light, to offer hope, love, and belief in the kindness of mankind and love of our fellow man, and our own spiritu ality.

Relying On Joy-Psychic Readings, Healings and Animal Communications
Gifted psychic to answers all your questions, healings and communication with animals.

Snowy Owlet's Nest
Snowy Owlet's Nest, knowledge gleaned from across time and space; eclectic offecommunity thoughts, feelings, pictures, words and sounds, Shacommunity experiences and ideas. Spiritual pages focusing on ...

Diandra's Angel Website
Various metaphysical topics, including actual channeled information from my guardian angels and spirit guides!

The Order Of Angels
This site is about angels and links to angels

Peace Seeds
Site focusing on the scriptual commonality between all religious traditions.

Angels Abound
SpiritRun has been psychic for almost 20 years. He has studied under shamans, seers, psychics, biotechnicians, and spiritual practitioners & healers. He often uses the Angel Blessings or Native American ...

We Are Brave, Your Highness
A tribute to the forgotten heroines of Star Wars, Episode I, the Royal Handmaidens! Pictures, sounds, bios, costume analysis, constantly updated!

SilverMoon's Mystical Garden
This website contains a number of articles related to the grief process. The grief process is a hard thing to go throu but....I want to tell you about a place I know of, it's a place where sorrow and pain ...

Angels By Marvelicious
This site contains lots of angel information as well as poetry, recommended reading and a host of other subjects

Whispers of an Angel
A peaceful Angel site and an extention of me.

Remembecommunity Grandma
A tribute to my beloved grandmother, Annie Jorgensen Nielsen, who passed away in 1995.

Things of Spirit
Our Aim This page has been created by people dedicated to personal development and well being in the Shepparton region. Our aim is to give easy access to information relating to workshops and groups ...

Thomas Windlow, psychic and medium
this site is about psychic phenomena. Thomas windlow has many abilities in the psychic field, he can heal you and he is very generous with his gift and time, right now he is doing readings for free at ...