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This community bcommunitys together people who are committed to turn the tide for the better and heal our planet. Join us and celebrate the Circle of Life.

The Nuzzled Network
The Nuzzled Network responds to violence and cruelty against animals. We{;}seek to strengthen and enforce laws against animal crimes, and advocate the{;}successful prosecution of those who perpetuate crimes ...

EcoLiving Center
The original online cultural creaties community. Message board, free cards, free email, articles, search engines, directories, green stores, ecoHomes, etc.

Illustration and writing; nature oriented high fantasy,contemporary fantasy, plus bits on wildlife rehab, diving, kayaking, horses, sleddogin' and other goodies, bulletin board for idea exchange.

ANIMAL Teachers: Honocommunity Animal Teachers
Animals have much to teach people. Learn from a diverse group of animals. Read how to honor them.

All Natural Pest Control
The natural way to eliminate pests without eliminating anything else. The BEST in Oregon! All natural alternative to pesticides.

Bethany's dolphins
Information and pictures about lots of different kinds of dolphins.

Save The Elephants
The African Elephant is one of the world's largest land mammal to ever walk this planet, but African elephants are endangered in the wild and there are resons why they now facing extinction along with ...

Animal Rights Community Online
ARCO is an online animal rights community that connects activists from all over the globe. Also supports less cruel diets as the vegetarian, vegan and fruitarian diet.