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The weblogs (blogs) of current or former students of A&M Consolidated High School.

'My Social Distortion' (Kirsten Jackson) [2007]

'Frenchie' (Meagan McKellar) [2004]
Just my own personal blog. I've had it since June of 2002. I am currently a senior at A&M Consolidated.

'International House of Pain' (Rob Bassett) [2005]
Rob's blog... that isnt updated very much anymore.

'ForLoop' [2006]
ForLoop Group Blog

'The Cheese Stands Alone' (Laurel MacKenzie) [2002]
Don't worry, be cheesy! All the cool kids are doing it.

'Inconclusive Observations' (Emilia Resella) [2006]
And now, back to our irregularly scheduled program.

Being 40+
Consol graduate of 1978. My daughter, Meagan (class of '04) just set me up with my new blog. Story of a 40+