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This Chrysler 300 Community to link web sites that have information pertaining to all Chrysler 300 vehicles.

Chrysler 300 Net Community
The Chrysler 300 Community home page. This community is to link web sites that have information pertaining to all Chrysler 300 vehicles. This site contains Submission Rules and Submission Form. For existing ...

The Chrysler 300 Site
This site explores the history of the Chrysler 300 from its illustrious beginnings, glorious midlife, ignominious death andunexpected rebirth. Includes photos, technical data and more.

Bear Mountain Performance
This web site contains a my personal For Sale/Wanted list, a Mopar Online Fleamarket, Classified Ad Links, Mopar Information, Family's Vehicles, Mopar Related/DaimlerChrysler/Automotive/Non-Automotive ...

Chrysler 300 Club International, Inc
Site of the Chrysler 300 Club International, inc.; dedicated to the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of the 1955-65 Letter Series 300's and the 1970 300 Hurst automobiles since 1970 . Over 900 members ...

Dave's 2000 Chrysler 300M
Initial impressions and images of my 300M

Chrysler 300 convertible 1966 custom
If you want an original, donīt come here.

Info on a 1966 Chrysler 300 from Austria with many photos and stories. Part of my graphic artwork site (kpgraphic.com).

*Chrysler Wheel Beacommunitys | Wheel Beacommunity | Wheel Hub Beacommunitys
Chrysler Wheel Beacommunitys and Hub assemblies. We provide Premium hub units that are manufactured in Gaylord, MI by Wheel Beacommunitys, Inc. Each wheel beacommunitys and hub assembly unit that we ...

Chrysler 300

When people are looking to buy a car for sale, they are hoping to find a car that contains style, speed, convenience and a big name that they can trust. The automotive industry is notorious for producing cars that are here today, gone tomorrow. Considering how competitive the car marketplace is and how expensive cars can be, it isnít surprising that many people tend to settle when they purchase an automobile. However, ask yourself this Ė are you really willing to settle for something that is less than perfect for such a high cost? The answer of course is no. Although it can be difficult to find a car with a reliable name that matches its performance, itís not impossible. For that reason, many people are turning to the Chrysler 300 to make their automotive dreams come true.

As one of the big 3 automakers (Ford and General Motors are the others), Chrysler has seen a lot of changes over the last century. The reason why Chrysler has managed to survive and flourish in such a hyper-competitive industry is simple Ė they produce incredible cars like the Chrysler 300. The chrysler 300 has a long history that dates back to the 1950s and the name is synonymous with luxury. Recently, Chrysler has revived its chrysler 300 brand of cars and the new chrysler 300c line of vehicles have been a critical and commercial success.

Chrysler 300 C

Introduced at the 2003 New York Auto Show, Chryslerís revival of the 300c series has been a phenomenal success. A full-size near luxury car, the Chrysler 300c had to live up to its considerable buzz when it was released in the spring of 2004. The 2005 Chrysler 300c would not only match the high expectations that were placed on it but would surpass it. Built in the same high performance but sporty sedan of the Buick LaCrosse and the Mercury Montego, the chrysler 300c had the advantage of being priced at a lower price than its competitors, which only assisted its considerable success.

Additionally, Chrysler had a shrewd marketing strategy by courting the popular hip hop market. Many car lovers couldnít help but notice the gleaming chrysler 300c that was placed prominently in several hip hop videos. With its pristine look and the use of 2006 chrysler 300 custom grills, the chrysler 300c was a natural for the hip hop world. However, the appeal of the chrysler 300c wasnít just limited to the people watching these hip hop videos. Often referred to as a Ďbaby Bentley,í there is one famous story in which legendary rapper Snoop Dogg reportedly left a message for the chairman of Chrysler asking, ďWhat I gotta do to get that brand-new C outta you?Ē

As the top of the line version of the new Chrysler 300 series, the chrysler 300c is a sight to behold. Powered by a 5.7 L Hemi V8 engine that has the ability to run on four cylinders, thus making it fuel efficient, the chrysler 300c has the ability to conjure up 340 hp. Based on the Chrsyler LX platform that uses elements from the Mercedes Benz E-class platform that had been discontinued in 2002, the chrysler 300c featured a number of luxurious items including: front seat frames, steering column, wiring harnesses, and the 5-speed automaticís design.

While the chrysler 300c was designed to compete against the Buick LaCrosse and Mercury Montego in the luxury sports sedan marketplace, the car differs in an important way. The chrysler 300c is a rear-wheel drive but is able to provide the same perks of the buick lacrosse and the mercury montego at a more affordable price. The impact of the chrysler 300c was considerable and the car has been praised by car experts and people who donít know the first thing about cars. To cap off its excellent year, the chrysler 300c was awarded the 2005 Motor Trend Car of the Year, North American Car of the Year and the Canadian Car of the Year Best New Luxury Car award. In addition to these accolades, the Chrysler 300c placed in the top 10 of Car and Driverís Ten Best List for 2005 and 2006.

Considering its immense success, it isnít surprising to learn that Chrysler has released specialized versions of the chrysler 300c. In 2004, Chrsyler introduced the SRT-8 chrysler 300c, which is powered by the new 6.1 L Hemi V8 engine. With the ability to go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds, the chrysler 300c SRT-8 300c is a powerful vehicle. The addition of Brembo brakes make the SRT-8 300c one of the most powerful but easy to control car of its kind. However, the vehicle is quiet expensive and isnít particularly fuel efficient.

Chrysler 300

While the chrysler 300c understandably gets all the pub, it is just one of the five chrysler 300 versions that are being sold. The basic Chrysler 300 is powered by a 2.7L EER V6 engine and is equipped with four-wheel disc brakes and four-speed automatic transmission. The Chrysler 300 Touring version is powered by a 3.5 L V6 engine and is equipped with a number of frills including yaw control.

Prior to its rebirth in 2005, Chrysler 300 was one of the most trusted names in automotive history. The Chrysler 300 letter series were the pride of Chryslerís extensive line of automobiles and were high-performance luxury cars that were available in limited numbers. Often referred to as the ancestor of the muscle car, Chryslerís 300 letter series was hugely popular from 1955 to 1965. With its design and style, these early Chrysler 300 cars are some of the most coveted collectible cars today.

However, with the marked popularity of the new Chrysler 300 series and with plans to redesign the popular Chrysler 300 in 2009, you can expect the Chrysler 300 to continue its successful ride. A vehicle that just shouts style, speed, sophistication and luxury, you can never go wrong with taking a spin in the Chrysler 300.