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A community for Christians who are multiple or dissociative. Also for Christian mental health workers, ministries, and people who care for or help people who are dissociative. The purpose is to {;}link sites who express or discuss multiplicity from a perspective of Christian faith. We believe that in situations of extreme need, God grants children a gift to help them survive - dissociation. We believe that Jesus loves every part of every human being, wholly, truly, with grace and compassion.{;}{;}

My Fight For Survival
This is the story of my fight for survival, despite many abuses. It shares information about SRA, DID and my personal belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and how my faith has been my survival.

Displaced Parts
A site created by an MPD Survivor and her insiders. We shall no longer be silent. http://displacedparts.tripod.com/{;}religion.htm{;}

Julie's MPD Website
Serenity Pages with angels, animals, inspirational verse, poetry, art therapy, links to information about MPD, links to great Christian graphics, links to protect and find missing children...

My Fight For Survival
This is my story, that for one of survival after abuse in the form of SRA and many other forms of abuse. How through Gods truth and His love for me I have been able to accept being a multiple, and can ...

Good Samaritan Ministries Alaska
A site that encourages Christian adults that have survived childhood abuse. Topics: Sexual abuse, The Church, Faith, Eating Disorders, Boundaries, DID/MPD. There is a message board that you can join ...

Voices of Courage
A Christian healing place with resources, poetry and information about dissociation and multiple personalities{;}

Ardith's Home Page
Links to my web pages and E-Book in progress. "Along Came a Spider". One web page belongs to "Kendra" an integrated split core. {;}{;}There are links to my Christian Web Page as well as reading my testimony/book ...

The Collective MiSFiT Home
We are a multiple system, family, or community. We are also, many of us, proud survivors. The two are in no way synonomous with each other. Our multiplicity helped us adapt in order to survive... but multiplicity ...

Stephanie's Safe Haven
This page is my healing journey for recovery. You will find information, links, and supports in the areas of sexual abuse, MPD/DID, substance abuse and Klippel-Feil syndrome. That is what I am dealing ...

Multiple Treasures
Christian Support for those with MPD/DID