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"Touched By God" is a web site that was truely inspired by God. By reading my testimony you will understand how i came up with this ministry. I was truely "Touched By God"

On Line
"Touched By God" is a web site that was truely inspired by God. By reading my testimony you will understand how i came up with this ministry. I was truely "Touched By God"

Jesus On the Web - A True Christian Site
A true Christian site containing great theological writings, free KJV Bible programs, Bible messages, and a variety of good fundamental Christain links. Posted for the Glory of God. Wont you Pay it a visit ...

Bible Challenge for Catholics community
they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so. Therefore many of them believed; -Acts of the Apostles XVII,11b-12a

The Protestant community
This is a community of sites that are Biblically fundamental, evangelical and represent Protestant Christianity.

The Charismatic community
This is a community of homepages that are Christian, evangelical and charismatic.

Christian site of a quadriplegic dedicated to God; emphasis on the Grace of God, Salvation, Hell, Family-friendly with inspirational stories, poetry, christian humor, testimony, family and more.

Jesus is the word of life! Share your relationship with Jesus, the narrow gate. Enter the tabernacle that is Jesus and find a gentle and humble heart. Come to Jesus' glory.

TxStardust's Christian Links
My personal home page with links to Christian Resources. Search the Bible, Bible Study, Christian Radio/Music, Daily Devotionals, Entertainment, Free E-cards, Graphics & Java, Ministry, and Christmas. ...

Spiritual Writings
An uplifting Of God's love and salvation through christian poetry and gospel music.

Whosoever Will
devoted to glorifying God and our Saviour through various bible studies, hymns and other music,photographs of God's creation, and inspirational pages.

PCJ Designs
~PCJ Designs~ A christian site Providing professional quality web page graphics and designs including many categories. Original and requested graphics created to meet personal needs. Your Choice for Quality ...

The Holy Bible community
This is a community of Biblically fundamental Holy Scripture presentations, Old and New Testaments, on the internet.

Heart 2 Heart
Christian Encouragement

My Favorite Psalms
My favorite Psalms. They lift my heart and spirt. My love for God shows in my life, everyday. I am proud to be a Christian.

The Evangelical community
This is a community of homepages representing Evangelical Christianity.

The Bible community
This is a community of sound Bible doctrine website presentations of Scripture.

Devotional Home Page
Weekly Devotions,an indept study into the book of Hebrews, Personal pages and applets

Awakening the soul within !
Awakening site is dedicated to free expression of views and beliefs, without hate or church bashing. Message boards too.

Free Christian Content.org
The website for Christian webmasters. 100s of pages content to choose from.

For This Time Ministries
To spread the fire of revival to whosoever will, accept Jesus as Lord.

Your Cross Outreach Ministry
Family friendly site with hundreds of interesting ministry and resource links covecommunity subjects to meet both the needs, and interests of you and your family. Easy to use! Come check us out!

Christian Mommies of Many Blessings
Our purpose is to encourage and strengthen Christian stay at home moms, particularly those with 'many blessings' in their day to day walk. Our desire is that we will all submit, obey, and grow closer to ...

Books by M.W. Allen
Read the most current information about books by M.W. Allen. Find out where her writings are available and when she will be in your city.

Cambridge Dove Ministries
This site offers the basics in Salvation by offecommunity short stories and Scripture alone to help the lost relate to Jesus Christ and present Him as the only way to eternal life in peace.

The Cornerstone Connection
We offer articles about Christians, and for Christians. Our authors are new or well-known. We offer history as it happens in Israel. Jesus is our goal...Salvation is our Hope. Please stop by and visit ...

His Love Ministries
God's love is for you. Bask in His presence with devotionals, scriptures, prayer requests, prayers, Bible Studies, and more.

History of Christianity in China
A site on the History of Christianity in China. The site also compares Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam trying to convince the reader that Christianity is the only path to salvation and eternal life through ...

Lion of Judah Ministries
Christian ministry resource center

Prayers Have Wings
My site is open and honest. It speaks of mistakes I've made and the compassion and peace of Jesus and His forgiveness for all.

The Gospel community
Websites sought to join this community are homepages that present the full gospel of Jesus Christ in its biblical, fundamental and evangelical nature.

Holy Scripture community
This community has Biblically fundamental internet presentations of Holy Scripture from both Old and New Testaments. Homepages submitted for joining this community should be highly devoted to the display ...

Our Walk with Christ
Join us in Walking with Jesus Christ. Make Jesus the centre of your life. Renew your mind and heart in belief and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ! Our site contains many beautiful pictures of our Saviour. ...

Living in the Tree of Life
A place that offers salvation by faith in Jesus Christ and encourages all who read to know God personally.

Craft Designs for You
Free cross stitch, plastic canvas and crochet patterns including Bible bookmarks and Bible quotes, information on crafting for charities, teaching crafts to children and more.

Jesus Christ is my God
My site glorifies Jesus Christ as my God and the Savior of the world with emphasis on marriage and family, children, and how divorce affects children.

Christian Links and More by Patty
Tons of Christian links to guide you in your search for truth. Also stuff about me and my family.

Jonah's Homepage
Designed to help you gain a more thorough understanding of Jonah's story, his language, country etc., including many valuable Christian links in the fish's belly.

The NutHouse on the Line
Ours is a Christian family site.

The Cry of the Heart
The Cry of the Heart is both a witnessing tool, and an information and training vehicle for those interested in shacommunity their faith in Jesus Christ either on an individual level, or world wide on ...

Generation 4 Hope
We are a pro-life teen organization that is devoted to saving the next generation.

Bright Morning Star Ministries
biblical answers to lifes most difficult questions and situation. Spreading the Gospel of Christ, salvation,encouragement.

TJs Where Are The Christians
A christian website promoting salvation by grace through Jesus Christ,information on ways and things christians should stay away from, and good christian values!

I have inspirational Poems, Bible Verses,Background Sets, Snowglobes.

Women of The Word
Community of sites conducted by committed Christian Women devoted to God's Word, the Holy Scriptures.

Kathie's Corner Communication Site
Collection of my Articles, Poems and other Creative Christian Writing; Also links to online Christian Fellowship sites and groups, uplifting, encouraging, and helpful websites. {;}

The Online World Of Ryan Cordell
Personal website of Ryan Cordell, missionary, webmaster, and ocassionally funny guy.

A Christian's Web Ministry
A personal web ministry containing inspirational & thought-provoking commentaries, topical Bible studies, and links to Christian clip art, MIDI's,and other resources.

Growing in God (G-i-G)
An on-line community and mailing list for Christian teens to come together to worship the King of Kings!

The divine page web site is designed for the encouragement of all who seek God through the reading of the Bible