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Click Member link to see site in tvF.W.Grant - Giant of the Bible
Life and works of FW Grant, pioneer of the "Numerical Bible" and many good works on solid Christian subjects.

helping the poor needy sick people of the society

Big Sis's Place
To bcommunity glory to God and encourage and uplift others in their daily walk with Him.

Patriot's Corner
My site contains articles written from a Christian perspective on a variety of issues. These issues range from the family to social issues.{;}{;}I work very hard at making the the fact that I am a Christian ...

Fishers of Men Ministries
Basic site on the love of Jesus and His death that set us free. Site is family friendly and offers lots of various articles information on Salvation.

Kim's Prayer Page
Prayer Request Page to Spread the Gospel Worldwide to fulfil the "Great Commission". Post prayer requests and/or pray for others.

Living By Grace Ministries
Shacommunity God's love through encouragement for today and hope for tomorrow....

Independant Christian Resources
Christian Resources for all who follow the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.

New Beginnings
This site is basically a personal Bible study course on the Old Testament book of Genesis.

Starchaser's Home
This is a huge Christian site. It includes Astronomy for Families which helps both beginners in astronomy and those who enjoy God's heavens including a homeschool unit. There is a vlarge section called ...

Care Center Corner
Christian resources for ministry in Care Centers, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, original poems by owner, and songs

The Cobbler's House
A web site dedicated to Bible study, with lists of references and suggests on how to begin studying the Bible and get more from your study time.

Karene's Devotions For Encouragement And Enrichment
This site was crreated in order to encourage others in their Christian walk.

A Testimony Of Answered Prayer.
A testimony of how a prayer, a cry from the heart for a daughter who was almost lost to the drug world was answered in less than an hour. All the praise to our heavenly Father and our Lord and Saviour ...

ONE WAY! Which Way Are You Going?
This site deals with real life issues, challenges, struggles and victories. Great articles and other information to get you headed in the right direction. Online store, books, tapes, free stuff etc. ...

Welcome to My World
This site was initially intended to promote a music ministry, but I am seldom able to present concerts any longer due to health problems. My site has grown into a place where I can share what Christ has ...

Holy Scripture passages presented to encourage a believer as well as lead an unbeliever to faith in Jesus Christ. Fascinating reading of the Holy Bible for Roman Catholics.

Reflections Of Southbreeze
Poetry by Southbreeze suitable for greeting cards forfamily,friends, loved ones, holidays. Request Poems and Guest Authors at the Poet's Desk.

Marcia's Web Pages
A site for shacommunity about my family, my testimony, my cats, has encouragement, poetry, holiday pages and graphics in the form of calling cards and globes with a tutorial for making globes.

I share what Jesus has done inn my life thru Visions ..Aparitions...Guidance

Gospel Lighthouse Prison Evangelism
The international prison ministry of Rev. J.W. Stansell [AKA Gospel J].

Cross And Pen
Visit Cross and Pen to see what we believe. Our mission is to spread the gospel of salvation which is obtained by faith, through grace, in the completed work of Jesus Christ at the cross. We feature ...

In His Power
The Glorification Of Jesus

C.A.B. Deliverance Ministres Inc.
Apostlic/Prophetic Writings lived out by Yasha and written and inspired by the HolySpirit for the Body of Christ Today. {;}You can't loose with the stuff Jesus used!

People Helping People
A place to learn and study Gods word, accept Jesus in your heart as your personal saviour, information to help christians and seekers of the truth, All Mighty God.

annie's Outlet
annies offers a variety of readings and fun puzzles and games for the family. Also included is her "Through My Eyes: Looking At The Bible Through Eyes of Pain", "A Different Point of View", poetry, art ...

Abode of Jude and Bindu
Home Page featucommunity the love and power of Christ in our life, testimony, message etc

Charlotte's Web
Designed to share the love of the Lord Jesus Through good bible teachings on love & marriage, children, angels, forgiveness and more. Christian Shareware "Graphics by Charla" available.

Bible Timeline with Numerical Code
A blend of a Bible timeline with a numerical path from Adam to Jesus Christ.

Barbara's Entourage: God, Family, and Friends
Holy Spirit inspired, family friendly, daily and weekly devotionals,poetry, music, Children's playroom, teens, newsletter,links to Bible resources, other sites of interest.

NetFishers Ministries
Ministecommunity to the Spiritual, Physical and Emotional needs of all people as taught and commanded by our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

Worldwide Victory fellowship
Cool web church.

The Word of Christ
A website dedicated to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ created to show the world how much God loves each of us.

Papacy Uncovered
Find here some historical background of the origins, development, and nature of the papacy, with a view to uncovecommunity its true character.

Richard's F Keys
{;}"Richard's F Keys" is a web site that was truely inspired by God. By reading my testimony you will understand how i came up with this ministry. I was truely "Touched By God"

Gigi & Daisy's Page
A Christian family site. Links to many christian sites and lots more

Reaching out to hungry souls.

Web Pages by Janny Rae
A little bit of everything. All family safe.

Home Page for His Name is Yeshua community
When the Son of God the Creator of Heaven and Earth, walked the Earth his name was Yeshua. When he was raised from the grave, his name was still Yeshua.{;} {;}

Closer Walk
Site dedicated to developing a Closer Walk with my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ

God's Little Acre
A Christian website of inspirational and spiritual growth poems and stories, Christian music, Christian humor, a prayer book for prayer requests, daily scripture, daily devotionals, words of wisdom and ...

God's Lighthouse
A place dedicated to glorifying God and spreading the good news of salvation.

Study The Word Ministries
Helping Christians To Study The Word of God....

Liberation Cyber-Church
An internet-based church proclaiming liberation and equality to all, embracing controversy and offecommunity essays, hymns, prayers and online worship.

Melonbones Bible Bits
Melonbones Bible Bits is a collection of Christian games, stories, and inspirational messages I have received in emails from the registered users of Melonbones Auction.

Marsha's Wayside on the Web
Site created by disabled grandma that has pages on health, parenting, Lupus, ALS, Lasik, Herbs, Inspiration, Humor, and much more.

The Encourager
A personal Christian site created to reach out in Christian love to those suffecommunity from chronic pain.

This website has been created for the promotion of writers, artists, poets, and song-writers who want to reach the world for Jesus Christ!

Showers of Blessing
An inspirational Christian homepage.

Salvation by Grace Alone
Salvation by Grace Alone Website is here to glorify our Great God in Heaven. You're welcome to join us.