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Click Member link to see site in tvGod Woman: A woman's daily journey with God
Counseling for women wounded by abuse/divorce by child activist April Lorier who changed CA law for reporting child abuse. She's counselor, Founder of COPE, Inc. and author of "God's Battered Child".

I am living in my grace-period by grace, period. I blog as I explore recovecommunity my life and discovecommunity my God.

ketch22... I think, therefore He is.
My insights into what is important to living. Mostly observations of the world through a Christian lens (mine). I am wrong 83.6% of the time, but I am getting better.

My Road, as I travel it
My thoughts, pondecommunitys, learnings and awakenings as I travel my road.

A woman on a quest to 1) uncover who she was created to be in addition to wife and mommy, 2) achieve health and fulfillment through weight loss surgery and 3) live her best life for herself and others

Itinerarium Mentis
'Itinerarium Mentis' (Lt. journey of the mind) follows my spiritual journey toward a deeper and greater knowledge of God, and the encounters I experience along the way which (quite often) influence the ...

My Way Home
My journey to love Him, serve Him, and give Him all the glory.

Shooting the Breeze
A place for me to share what God is teaching me and whatever else is on my mind.

Welcome to Mental Reflection, a blog where a Christ-follower, wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, employee, home owner and pet owner sometimes has really interesting reflections... and sometimes what ...

Garcia Family
Marriage Should Be Honored By All

REAL Men RoCK Blog
REAL Men RoCK is a place for men to find solutions to the life issues unique to men. Most of what I post comes from my life experiences and why I developed REAL Men RoCK . I believe the solutions ...

Tips To Live By
Christian principles for daily living.

There but for the grace of God
Reflections on Recovery and Redemption: Learning to live again...

the lowercase i

iKaryos - in Pursuit of a Sanctified, Renewed Mind
Short pieces/essays on my walk with God, from a physicist's point of view, along with pics and fun stuff.

Unplugged - becoming the man I was meant to be
I crave truth, I really do.. I hate pretension.. If it is not authentic then I don't want it! This is the story of my life and how I am "unplugging" from religion and becoming a man of God

Santa Rita of Cascia
saint rita santa rita cascia impossible causes

How Great is our God!
A blog dedicated to the amazing Word of God and how we can practically apply it to everyday life.

Saint Expeditus
saint expeditus, expedite, expedito, espedito, espedite

The Glory Site Blog
TheGlorySite.com is a Christian website created to Give God the Glory for all things in our lives. We have Bible studies, inspirations, writings, prayer pages, poems, free wallpapers, stationary, Christian ...

This blog exists to glorify God and to encourage all believers, especially women, to be obedient in understanding their obligation to Biblically and consistently share their faith.

Today's Journey
Everyday is a journey. God gives us our days and the journey we take is up to us. We make our lives what they are (for the most part). Everyday I think of one thing to be thankful for,as we're given so ...

The Way I See It
My views and opinions on the things that happen around me

Winged Journey
The winged journey of HaMalakh, Slave of God

a humble approach to point out the direction we are heading and the times we are in based on recent news around the world.

The Book of Shadow
A saved sinner living in the now-but-not-yet

The Prodigal Daughter
After a long absence I could no longer ignore the pull on my heart and mind and have come running back to the Lord. This blog is about my journey, questions, interests and love for the Lord. I am not ...

The Areopagus
A blog of theology, philosophy, current events, and all things Christian with quest appearances by MS Quixote and friends.

April Lorier Perspective
April's Christian Perspective on life, love, health, nature, and the faithfulness of God.

Christian Nature
Christian Nature is about the lessons God teaches us through wildlife, plants, pets and nature. It is a journal of insights through the eyes of Christian author April Lorier, a lifelong nature lover from ...

Sinner Saved
I am a Christian, wife, mother and homemaker aiming to live up to the standards set out in Proverbs 31 and Titus 2. I breastfeed, use cloth nappies and practise elimination communication. I like to cook ...

Walking Barefoot Ministries
The Bible teaching, faith building ministry of Jeff and Suzanne Doles. Spiritual growth resources to help you take the next step of faith in your walk with the Lord, live in the reality of His kingdom ...

God, My Savior Forever!

Birds 'n Such
Here I blog about my interests which include bird watching, gardening, photography, art, & a little bit about everything in between.

Transfer Of Wealth
Learn the vital steps we must take part in to become more of the person Jesus would have us to be. Come learn, grow, plus be strengthen, encouraged and come to know Jesus Christ more.

The Red Clay Diaries
A former CA girl now living in rural GA. I write about my husband, my kids, my dogs, my faith, and my country surroundings. Not necessarily in that order. I've been told I'm occasionally funny.

Michael Smarsh Online
I write mini devotionals based on scriptures from the Bible for others to read.

Lee's Birdwatching Adventures Plus
Birdwatching from a Christian Perspective

Christian site beaconing all souls to come to the Well and get refreshed, inspired and motivated by the presence of Jesus Christ through the Word !

Dad Talk
A view from the heart of a Christian father

Daily In Christ Devotionals
A selection of stories and devotionals to strengthen the followers of Christ.

Writing: overcoming the effects of child abuse and rape
personal journal overcoming the damaging effects of child abuse and rape

Penelopes Oasis
I'm a Christian wife and expectant mom who loves to blog about good books, preparing for baby, hobbies, femininity, and more!

Engaged in discipleship and what it REALLY means to follow Jesus Christ. I am sharing with you what God is teaching me daily in hopess you will join me in helping bring heaven to earth.

Bible Study Cafe
Know God when you study the Bible with us at the Bible Cafe! Get a favorite cafe drink, your Bible and a copy of the current women's Bible study workbook, and join us in an intimate discussion of the word ...

Strength 2 Stand
A few years ago I was struggling in my faith. Having grown up in the Church, I knew what I needed to do but lacked the discipline to do it. I knew I needed to be reading the Bible regularly. After all ...

Learning To Walk The Walk
I never thought I'd actually have an idea for a real blog. I mean, I've tried a few times before, but somehow, useless gibberish about what I've done everyday is not something I want to use to connect ...

Jim Bartlet
Religion and Politics from the point of view of an ordinary chap.

Gimme Some Jesus
Daily Things related to God and the Bible.

Soul Sanity
I'm just a restless kid searching for some peace of mind, but is the source of peace truth or illusion? I'm looking for the secret to a soaring heart and a grounded soul, and I'm not so easily satisfi ...