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dandelion queen
Another uninteresting personal site..{;}

my xanga


Mighty Mina's Mayhem
Just a blog where a crazy girl pretends to be a pirate, along with her loyal chef, soupy

smartee blog
korean chica's personal blog...

WargWarg Cornbread!
I write down really weird, funny, random things that happen, or that people say, that amuse me. ^_^

the Spiffyness
This is me; being me. I fail to see the problem in that.

The Biggest Waste of Space EVER!
{;}A bunch of crap I threw on a webpage. ^_^ No, just a page to put some random stuff I have, and maybe sell a couple necklaces or something. Yaay.

F.M.P & Co : why boys and girls should not mix
{;}just a crazy random site, with satires articles. made by me, written by us. pictures, too. we're crazy cool like that.

Big Pitas Com
This is where I put my stuff.

Just my hompage, chock full of oddities, because... well, hey, that's me!

x*// E m p t i n e s s //;;.X
Welcome to my world, a world of randomness, ranting, and web design. Er...have fun, I guess.