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This community is for adult survivors of any type of childhood abuse.{;}We are not victims anymore!{;}Survivors rise and conquer their world everyday!{;}Sites in queue for 30 days will be deleted.{;}

Child Within - Healing Begins
My site is dedicated to all adult survivors of abuse. There are links to incest and sexual abuse informational sites and some of my own poetry on these pages.

WELCOME TO MY WORLD: A Survivor's Story
This site is my attempt to reach out to others, it contains my survival story of childhoold sexual abuse.

Knightgale's Raging Fire
My child abuse story, links,reference resources for the prevention of child abuse/family violence

Abundant Spirituality + codependence recovery + inner child healing + Love = Joy2MeU
Wealth of information on codependency recovery/inner child healing, twelve step & new age spirituality, healthy & dysfunctional relationship dynamics, grief process, fear of intimacy, more on site of therapist/Spiritual ...

Love To All Dedications
my site deals with alot of issues and helpful info to get thru them, also health info and so much more

My Safe Haven{;}{;}A sanuctuary for Health Issues, Healing, Inspirational poems, Quotes and other little things. My aim here is to provide a safe haven of HEART felt warmth and myself, other who have suffered ...

The World of JadedSilverMist
Site of a 20 yr. old female who has survived it all. Site includes info. on mpd/did and bipolar disorder, as well as lyrics, poetry, cartoon doll adoptions, info. on veganism, and other things as well. ...

Little Cassy's Corner
This is my life story, surviving sexual abuse at an early age, surviving a miserable marriage to find love on the internet. Pictures of my family and poems from my heart to my loved ones and my brother ...

Multiple Minds Blog
The sister Site to www.multipleminds.net this is a blog that houses temporary information, my daily journey and other information that gets linked to the website www.multipleminds.net

Peaceful Haven: Dedicated To Survivors Of Sexual Abuse
This site is about my personal experiences with abuse and the healing journey. I have posted my writings on anger, guilt & shame, confronting abuser, my personal letters to my abuser, self-forgiveness ...

The Light
The Light is dedicated to giving emotionally abused people back to themselves - Those who have been raped and robbed of chances to love themselves and bloom into the fullness of their own individual potential. ...

Hugs R Us
Site primarily focused on manic-depression, with many other pages devoted to all aspects of mental health, including stress management, eating disorders, alzheimers, schizophrenia, and sexual/emotional ...

Survivors Garden
This is an online support community for survivors of child abuse and for multiples (multiples who are in recovery and multiples who have "healthy systems"). We have a message board forum and chat rooms, ...

Shattered Souls-Putting the Pieces Back Into Place After Sexual Abuse or Incest
Shattered Souls is a site dedicated to educating the public about the devastation caused by the short and long term effects of sexual abuse and incest against our children. Developed by the mother ...

Know What You Believe
When one has been physically attacked a number of times ... believing is not a solution. There are things we need to know.