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Click Member link to see site in tvMeals I Have Eaten
An exploration of a new city (Chicago) the food it offers and the trials of graduate school. Also the occasional book read, movie seen or art viewed.

Cynthia's Interests
The World as it unfolds, told from an African American woman's perspective.

Mom O Matic
Like the automats of the past, the Mom O Matic is always available. Dispensing sippy cups, synthetic cartoon pajamas, goldfish crackers, pity sex, wet wipes and sunscreen.

Smallest Center of the Universe
displaced kansas guy trying to understand the exotic customs of the strange land of chicago. rants, raves, and video games

lynne's fabulous knitting
just a place for me to ramble, rant, and rave about knitting...a bit of spinning, too.

Jerry and Cornelius
Supposed to be a dia-blog with Jerry and Cornelius, and now Anthony, but so far Cornelius usually just writes about whatever he finds interesting at least twice a week.

Picaro Life
Life and Conversation of a Picaro

Cute Accessory of the Day
Well, I am no fashionista. In fact, you may not even notice me walking down the street. But, I do know and love the joy of putting on a special touch and feeling special - knowing that you are weacommunity ...

Interior Office
My thoughts and discussions about being a working mom and trying to stay stylish at the same time.

Bicycle Diaries
Daily ramblings on bicycles, books, and Isaiah Berlin by a fox who wishes he were a hedgehog.

Everyone Needs Therapy?
This is funny, but psychoeducational. It\'s this therapist\'s look at what patients go through and a personal expression of how she copes before, ducommunity and after hours

Can you see the sunset from the southside
A music blog featucommunity almost-daily MP3's of punk, indie, electronic, alt-country, hardcore, hip-hop, and more...

The Game High
A Chicago Sports Observatory. Local Commentary. Global Stupidity.

Et Cetera: Publick and Privat Curiosities
This website presents brief discussions and postings about current news events, as well as social and political issues. Photographs, slideshows, audio and videos are included.

Inside Your Chicago
INSIDE YOUR CHICAGO IS YOUR LIFELONG LEARNING CONNECTION TO COMMUNITY, ADVENTURE & OPPORTUNITY! At INSIDE YOUR CHICAGO, we believe the joy of life is in the journey, life is meant to be lived, but most ...

Business blogging tips
Business Blogging Tips blog provides helpful tips and secrets for making your blog better! We are also blog consultants and can help with your internet marketing and business development needs on a fee ...

miniature yorkshire terrier
This site is all about me and other miniature yorkshire terries! Small dogs, with big hearts!

Trash Detective
Blog mission: Researching the demographics of litter. Raising awareness about littecommunity. Returning lost litter to its rightful owners.

Black Republican, Black Militant
a blog about chicago dating, nightlife, politics, and sports.

Business Creativity and Happiness
This is a site focused on providing insight to patients regarding the business and service model of Changed Life Ltd.

The Bastion
Circumnavigating Chicago\'s comedy underbelly since 2006

Confessions of a Sports Junkie
A look at my obsession of attending sporting events.

Follow me as I transition from student to professional

Filmmaking 101
A blog about film production and trends and other random ideas.

Blog You Like a Hurricane
"This is much more than just my opinion. actually, that\'s not true. Nevermind."

Daniel B. Honigman\'s site
My new Web site. Iíll post my stories, photos and some (not-so) witty banter

Uptown Avenger
The ramblings of a long time Uptown resident. Mostly links to politically themed stuff I find in my daily web surfing. Quite amusing. Winner of the Uptown Blog Award for best blog 42 years running. ...

It is my mission in life to call attention to anything stupid, ridiculous, unacceptable, annoying, or just plain Negativesmart.

She Has Moxie

Miss Bea\'s Helpful Hints
Miss Bea\'s Helpful Hints is the web log of JT Newman, a Chicago-based video and performance artist. She writes about the everyday adventures of a queer girl in the big City.

A place where I reflect on the little moments in the day that I share with my two girls and husband.

Chicago Nature Lady
Celebrating nature in and around Chicago, featucommunity interesting hiking trails to visit. Artwork also inspired by nature.

Chicago, IL
This blog covers news, events, and commentary about Chicago and the suburbs.

Chicago Mike's Photoblog
My blog is all about photography in Chicago.

I, Ramone
Yet another gay man with an opinion let loose on the Internet. Satan help us all...

Illini 6
Illini 6 is a personal blog by a developing author that includes original fiction as well as posts on military deployment, Rugby, Anthropology and Scouting.

Law With Grace
I\'m a lawyer. This blog is not polite. That\'s all.

Spell Chicago
The Chic is an 18 year old student of Columbia College Chicago. She is also currently attending classes at the famed Chicago Second City. Leaving her small hometown in New York she deals with the hassles ...

A Whip-Smart Kind of Life
Red head, diabetic, gay. That should do.

A daily blog featucommunity street photography from Chicago-based artist and educator Jack Cantey. Subject matter ranges from people to graffiti, texture to architecture, the odd to the sublime.

Windy City Rock - Chicago Music to Know
Windy City Rock is a celebration of the great indie rock and indie pop bands coming out of the Chicago music scene, as well as a source for information on Chicago bands of the past and various shows taking ...

Pop Apocalypse
Full indie rock albums available for download posted daily.

Gossamer Tapestry
Reflections on conservation, butterflies, and ecology in the nation's heartland

A Modest Cult Following
Slice of life and sturm und drang of quiet, shy writer in Chicago.

Notes of a forty-year-old girl spy

Windy City Rock - Chicago Music to Know
Windy City Rock is a celebration of the great indie rock and indie pop bands coming out of the Chicago music scene, as well as a source for information on Chicago bands of the past and various shows taking ...

I'm a high school English teacher who teaches in the 'hood. I'm also a new mom. So I have many insights to share!

The Skinny Gourmet
The Skinny Gourmet is a blog about healthy indulgences. Because eating well shouldn't be a crime and living well shouldn't be a punishment. Features original recipes, techniques, tips, and thoughts for ...

Chicago History: Journal of an Amateur Historian
Articles and links about Chicago history of the 19th and early 20th century

Market Urbanism
In this blog I intend to introduce free market thought to urbanists, and introduce urbanism to market advocates. I also hope to incorporate some ideas relating to environmentalism in the built enviro ...