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A web publication aggregator of arts, media and news.

Team Robana
Two 20somethings blogging about weight loss and the difficulties and fun of losing weight!

Marathon Running
It's about life. It's about running. It's about everything in between.

Smug Nugget
Irreverent musings about culture, media, and day-to-day experience.

Retro-Girl: Surviving the Suburbs
Retro-Girl is a forever 29 *wink* Open Minded, often outspoken, opinionated, unusual redhead... She has found herself with a whole new life... and is busy trying to survive this new environment - wayyyyyy ...

Chicago Calling
A series of letters, postcards, whatchamacallits from Chicago -- written by a freelance journalist of Indian origin, who is also Thursday’s child, reader, head-hasher, dreamer, crafter, optimist, crosswordaholic, ...

He drinks a lot
The adventures and misadventures of a twenty-something, pseudo-hipster, rail-thin, dash-loving queerling.

Young and Broke
A blog that focuses on the issues facing young, 20-something, post-college folks trying to make their way financially through their first jobs and beyond. My posts zone in on the nitty-gritty details ...

Politics, gangsta rap.

Suchie's Clear Spot
UIC undergrad writing about crappy college life, while giving recommendations for other blogs, music, comedy, movies, etc..

3 Little Indie Kids
mp3s and information on various independent artists and bands, as well as chicago shows.

My Bocommunity Blog
A student of the University of Chicago's blog.

Return of the Undiscovered Self
Willing my ideal life into existence.

Brass Tacked
Specimens from my life captured and tacked up for all to see. Let's get down to it.

I Can't Cook Dinner While I'm Driving Carpool
Setting limits for life, marriage and motherhood.

Dissolver with a Smile
The loss of love is a long, hard road. But together, we get through it all just the same.

Flip This Body
Taking inspiration from house flipping shows, I decided to take charge of my life and flip this body. I hope this blog will help others who are trying to lose weight to learn more about their options.

Culture Vulture
Rants and reflections about books and movies.

The Aspicommunity Housewife
Giving an outlet to my lust for all things domestic.

A blog well past its infancy stage and over the years has somehow managed to avoid everything I don't like about Web Logs in general. The rest is all my fault.

the camera phone self-portrait project
pop art philosophy in the everyday seduction of life.

The Bluestalking Reader
I use this forum to review books, post author interviews and rant.

Dear Blank Notebook

Sick Transit Chicago
The three public transit agencies serving Chicago--the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Metra and Pace--are in a financial crisis. They and the RTA have embarked on a \"Moving Beyond Congestion\" initiative ...

Jill Elaine Hughes- The Blog!
Chicagoland\'s favorite failed writer Jill Elaine Hughes blogs about all things writer-angst-related.

Self-Made Mom
I think motherhood is what you make of it. I’m trying to maintain a sense of my old \"self\" as a new mom. Read along as I attempt to stay fashionable, work part-time, and raise a child. Welcome to the ...

Brandon\'s Machine
Blog from one of the editors of The Machine Media. Includes DJ sets, process of printing and distribution and anything else related to Chicago, etc.

Highlights of our crazy life and the crafting, creating, cooking and fun that happen between loads of laundry and mopping floors.

scott cheney in chicago
rogers park resident rambles about chicago, the internet, and his black lab.

South Side Slander
A twenty something student\'s musings on Chicago, politics, and sports from somewhere south of Madison St.

What to Wear Ducommunity an Orange Alert
We focus on music, art, literature, and politics. The site is updated daily with new music, pictures, interviews, video, etc. Our goal is to introduce, inform, interact, and insight... ideas.

Daily Dolan Geiman
news from Chicago artist Dolan Geiman and the creative community at large; includes creative leads/resources, cultural announcements, and artist/designer/crafter/blog/retail top picks from partners Dolan ...

MumsTheWurd is the hippest product review site on the web! We review parenting, kids and baby products. We have at least two giveaways per week.

A Deaf Mom Shares Her World
I\'m Karen, a deaf mom to three deaf and hard of heacommunity kiddos. Here\'s a peek into my world.

Merry Gentlemen
The yarn induced mishegas of a Chicago area knitter and civil servant.

tapping of the needles
everyday ongoings of a knitting mom

Second to None
Theatre Reviews and News!

Lizzie Lawry
A little adventure called living the so-called American Dream.

Long-distance love, from Chi-town to the ATL.

We All Fall Down
Mothecommunity and movies, grief and grace, books and blunders.

A place to hang and discuss issues of importance and interest

Windy City Style
Fashion and style commentary... fashion events, designers and boutiques in Chicago specifically highlighted.

Are you sure you want to know?
Follow the adventures of this newly single gay man living in the mecca of Edgewater that is quickly becoming the "New Boystown"

Barenaked Sean
Crazy fun college kid in Chicago with too much time to waste.

Knowledge Problem
Commentary on Economics, Information and Human Action.

Psycho Babble
I am a thirty-something wife and mother of two daughters who still doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up.

bloggo chicago
Just another bipolar blog.

Theft Liable To Prosecution
Music notes and ramblings from Chicago and beyond.

Maman des Filles
My musings on raising 'tween daughters.

Welcome to the Bloghouse 2.0
Random comments on everyday things.