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I can't hear you, I have my head in the oven.

Self Titled
I'm a grad student on the South Side and this is my blog.

A 30-something woman careens wildly between academia and motherhood and tries to make sense of it all.

Dog Sagas
Getting a dog isn't a hit or bark-all-night miss. If do a little research you can pick a dog that's compatible with your lifestyle and teach him to be a good canine citizen. This is the story of Lola the ...

Where in the World is Chris?
The trials and tribulations of a career girl on the road...

Another Day in the Chi...
Tales of a black woman in Corporate America and other observations.

BTdubs is a humor/pop culture blog that focuses on Chicago, Chicago sports, and anything that pops into my head. Read it.

Tequila Red
She's always right, even when she's wrong.

The Namby Pamby Law Student
They teach you in law school to be a zealous advocate for your client, what they don't teach you is the meaning of 2 words: Billable Hours. These are the ramblings, musings, and sarcastic retorts of a ...

Letting me be. . . Random wonder and philosphy
ME Strauss skews the world slightly wondecommunity about crayons, conformity, feelings, friends, idiosyncrasies, imagination, heroes, yo-yos, and that person reading the paper at Starbucks. Enjoy storytelling ...

The Reader Sucks
The Chicago Reader sucks and needs to die.

Cynthia's Interest
I write about anything that interests me at the moment. I think I'm a progressive, but I'm aware others may see me differently. I have to admit my views are not always politically correct, sometimes outright ...

From the Corner of Grace and Wayne
Insights and observations on baseball, current events, and politics. Well, not insights exactly... more like shallow observations.

Interstate Love Songs
A semi-daily journey into the life of a Kentuckian trying to adjust to Chicago. Don't warn the tadpoles.

Crosswalks to Nowhere
Words from a guy living in the suburbs of Chicago, shacommunity the things that happens to him as an observer of humankind.

I Feel as Though I Should Share
Experiences and random musings of a girl searching for something she can't yet define...

Hypnogogic Trips
The crazy poetic rantings of chicago based artist Anthony Wills Jr.

Mommy Writer
A suburban mom who juggles the writing life between conference calls with clients, working in a cubicle farm, diaper changes, and bitching about mundane life moments.

Tangible Insanity
Random rambings and humorous stories about the city, our lives and the interconnections from a group of 20-somethings.

Facade of Americana
A couple of bitter and sarcastic guys from in and around Chicago.

A Laugh a Minute
A comedy writer and performer from chicago shares her daily musings.

The Un-Cooler Than You Blog
I've got something to say! Well, maybe.

The Everything I Said I Would
Confused about life? Yes, me too. Everyday it's a constant struggle to find my identity and sense of self. We shall see where I lead this life.

My tiny thoughts...inculding many dirty words.

Balancing Boyfriends
Trials and tribulations of balancing multiple boyfriends.

Nobody Sasses a Girl in Glasses
College life -- much loved but always kvetched about. I try to be pretentious, but I don't know enough big words.

Thrown for a Loop
A grizzled Washingtonian moves to Chicago.

Welcome to my Closet, Here's a Black Dress
Creative writing, both true and fictional, poetry and random thoughts, and photos.

Surviving The Twenty-Somethings
A journal of the ups and downs of the incredibly fabulous twenty-somethings.

Chicken of Death
Super-powered vengeance, poultry-style!

Let's Keep this Between Us
Waxin' suckers like mop'n'glo.

A thought comes when it will, not when I will it - Nietzche So, here are some...

Celebrity News Reenacted by Cats!

The Pilcrow Press
pil·crow - A symbol or character... formerly used to mark the commencement of a new section or part of a narrative or discourse; now, sometimes introducing an editorial obiter dictum or protest, and sometimes ...

Another Day in Paradise
My musings on and criticisms of American politics, culture and media.

Grown-up Sarah
Pretending to be a grown-up and, for the most part, getting away with it.

Because Wikipedia is wacky.

Musings of an Ant Watcher
If you are wrestling with the big questions of life, this is a great place to catch your breath between bouts. Articles on life balance, healthy relationships, love, career and life purpose mixed with ...

Sofa King Chicago
The world according to a man who is Sofa King Chicago.

Sanskrit Grammarian and Italian Sandwich
Tennessee Democrat in Oak Park, IL

the things they say about him
musings of a sexual libertine

What I Had For Lunch
This is a listing of the various things I have for lunch each day. Most of these restaurants will be in the Chicago Loop, which is where I work. Lunch posts are only on workdays, and only on days that ...

Wit and Spit
Currently in the process of writing myself away.

My View From The Jeep
A personal view of my life and its surrounding suburbs.

Chicago Bites
Our dining adventures in Chicago!

Death Metal & Pastries
Well... let's see. There's death metal, and there's pastires. You do the math.

Comments and Links from a conservative in the Chicago suburbs

Enjoy your Stay?
This blog is a series of experiences inside a Chicago hotel. These are trues stories as experienced by the hotel staff. Many of these are about crazy clients.

Just Another Day in Paradise
Trying to make a dollar out of 99 cents and doing quite nicely thank you... the day to day rambling of Miss Sarah.

Overheard in Chicago
Hear something on the train, at work, or while working down the street? Did you overhear a conversation that made your jaw drop? Share it with everyone. Email me at ziggyk15@yahoo.com and I'll post it ...