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Blog for the person who has everything except a blog. You are cool.

Letter7 {self serving indulgence}
i'm tall. i'm skinny. i ride a kick ass bike. i think. i write... and you can read it if you want.

Earl Bockenfeld's Radio Weblog
Stories and things that strike my fancy.

Better than having a mule kick you in the head.

2nd Star to the Right
NeverNeverLand. I think I want to live there.

Design, technology, usability and social commentary from Chicago.

Lynne's Fabulous Life
This little blog basically descibes anything I find interesting, helpful, annoying, etc.

House of Noh
No one must know my terrible secret! Well, you know how I like experimenting with new things...

The poster girl for geeks and dorks everywhere now has her own webpage. See her spout long paragraphs about nothing. Now with pictures!

My Mundane Mid-life
Oh, man... I'm gettin' old... is 45 old? The bocommunity life of an unemployed computer engineer from Hoffman Estates, IL USA.

Blog or Not?
Yet another person blogging from the 60637/60615 zip code... join me as I examine college life and academic culture, comment on 'the great events of the day' (or maybe just the latest Chicago Maroon column), ...

Death to the Infidels
A blog created especially for you.

Garfield Park
Random thoughts about politics, society and such.

A blog that documents the life of our friend Mark Monz, centered on what he has for lunch.

I live in Chicago, take public transportation, and love people-watching. And beer.

International House of Dan
A place for all the things that get me yelling at the tv... sports, international and domestic politics and law, etc.

The Over-worked Under-paid Grad Student Imagery
A Chicago-based grad student's photoblog consisting of pictures from Chicago and around the world.

Chicago Sunsets
Chicago Sunsets and pictures from in and around Chicago.

Shockingly Provincial
A South Sider with a lot of free time on his hands.

Habakkuk's Watchpost
Students in the Ministry Studies program of the University of Chicago Divinity School, class of 2007 and closely related associates talk about whatever they damn well please.

JT's World
Random rants and thoughts of a mildly neurotic married working mom.

Ms. Chica Mae's Blog
A blog of random musings by me, Nicold Pittman.

'N' is for Neville, who died of ennui
I have a job. It took me a long time to get this job. I really don't like it at all. It's very bocommunity. Hence the "ennui" part. And the blog.

Anne Arkham
Art. Humor. Larceny.

Tales of a Keyboard Biologist
The mostly knitting musings of a computational biologist living in the Ukranian Village section of Chicago.

Easy Tune
A Young Physician in Chicago.

Life (?) of Trillian
Total Perspective Vortex. What really happened to Trillian? Theories abound, but you can see what she's really been up to on this blog.

One Hundred or So Ways to Get an Ulcer
This inner-city high school teacher has a lot to get off his chest.

Look Out, Giant Squid!
I'm an unencumbered gay man with chemical-free happiness. This is an outpost of quirks and idiosyncrasies that I encounter in living the modern life.

Wide Asleep
I'd say this was my "story," but it's blatantly not. Not in any sort of chronological order, anyway. I'd say it was a compilation of "musings" or "rantings," which is ostensibly true, but those words ...

Plant Camp
A weblog about plants, pandas, and investigative reporting.

Living to Tell
Words crafted and sometimes just slung out there by a Chicago writer.

Shake Your Fist
An opinionated group of Chicagoans talk about music, film, Web culture, books, television, politics, etc.

Sobecommunity Up On The Red Line.
Miss Miller Lite lives in Chicago. She is six feet tall, she probably hates your haircut, and she is afraid of your dog.

Gangs of Chicago | Almighty Gaylords
Chicago gang history told by a famous Chicago North Side street gang - the Gaylord Nation.

Street Level
Centerstage Chicago has created Street Level as a place for the community to post what is of interest to them outside the regular media mill. Come join the fun.

Annfrankenstein Lives
What you won't find: knitter-talk, crafting, organic food recipes, hip urban postucommunity, the cool band of the week you have not heard of yet, ironic t-shirts, pointy-toed shoes, and more! What you ...

Mental Multivitamin
The "un-blog" for readers, thinkers, and autodidacts.

Two Week Crush
Promoting a collective interest in the lives of strangers.

Like You Care
News and views with a political and technical approach.

In the brightness of the world
UofC Divinity student explores environmental and religious issues as well as other matters of greater or lesser significance.

Unknown Column
Random thoughts and rants on sports, politics and beautiful women.

Your Weekly Reader
A digest of news, reviews and social commentary guaranteed to provoke a laugh, a chortle, and no less than two smiles of recognition. (Guarantee void in Texas and Tennessee.)

Leslie's Omnibus
omnibus Pronunciation Key (mn-bs, -bs) n. 1. A long motor vehicle for passengers; a bus. 2. A printed anthology of the works of one author or of writings on related subjects. adj. ...

Loryces Online
The whines and ramblings of a 20-something Pinay living in Chicago trying to find her purpose in life and at the same time fighting back homesickness.

Copy, Right?
An MP3 blog dedicated to cover songs (with accompanying ramblings).

BG Speaks to the People
A Fantastic New Way to Waste Time!

Memories of my life with heroin.

Old Style Cubs
Chicago Cubs news and analysis, old style.

kapgar.com: life in HTML/XML
Kapgar's little nook in cyberspace where he talks about whatever the heck may just pop in that cluttered head of his.