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Tales of a 30 something living in Chicago (Chicago proper).

Website and blog about politics, Chicago, technology, and anything else that strikes my fancy. Featucommunity photos.

The Intelligence Estimate
Small town Iowan moves to the big city, hilarity ensues, learns lessons about life.

The Everyday Adventures of Sabrina
The personal weblog of a girl who likes beer and music and tends to be a little giddy at times.

Chicago Celikins
Posting of movie reviews, hollywood celebrity gossip, links to fun flash movies, interesting and funny news in chicago and worldwide.

Run Jen Run
Daily musings of a thirty-something unemployed amateur tap dancer.

Mp3 blog focusing on Americana, folk and singer-songwriters with occasional forays into indie rock.

Illini? or Huskie?
Some random garbage about sports, politics, U of I (and their lessor known counterparts in the Big Ten), and my life as a grad student at Northern Illinois University... Chances are that I will offend ...

Get Clucky!
Perched between youthful hipsterdom and hip thirtysomethingdom, I contemplate getting pregnat.

On Innovation, Technology, Economic Development and Social Change.

Exxie's Book Lounge
It's 52 books in 52 weeks. See if I'll make it.

Birding in Chicago and its attendant grotesque beauties.

Proviso Probe
Covecommunity the government, politics and community of Proviso, Illinois.

32 and Life 2 Go
The title about sums it up. Stuck in a Chicago suburb with a house, a dog, a lovely wife, and a miserable job.

The mysterious mind of Slywy
Writer. Poet. Thinker. Not in that order.

Ivy Chat
Chicago Cubs, Politics and other Rants.

Tales of an Aspicommunity Nightingale
The trials and tribulations of a brand-spanking new nurse... and other bursts of mental masturbation... in blog format.

M a m a z i l l a
I have mused about these things in recent posts: the Beastie Boys, my knitting, a severed hand, my hormones, the laundry, a brush w/death via mini van and my virtual model.

A blog that started as an idea to muse upon everything has become a chronicle of my two-wheeled adventures in Chicago.

I used to be a nobody, but I had a change of heart.

The Musings of Fish
A series of random thoughts about everything from life to death, touching on movies and love and back problems and computer games and various annoyances along the way.

Cleverly Named Blog
CNB answers the questions that no one asked, commenting on the absurdities in current events.

Region Broad
I'm 30 minutes away from the city -- far enough away to be assaulted by dorky clothing, but close enough to remedy it on myself.

Knitcore for Knitsters
I'm living my life in technicolor and my blog is a hip take on knitting, crafting, food, music and life, all set in the city I live in and love.

The journal of a girl attending college downtown Chicago. Includes moblogging from her camera phone.

Unpublished Opinion
A running attorney in Chicago podcasts about fitness, movies and her cat.

Something for Entertainment
This is an attempt at filling my time at work and joining the rest of the online community. I often post pictures of family events, funny video clips found online, and random thoughts that I just can't ...

Chicago Sheri
Married Unix Admin working in Sears Tower and living in the burbs.

North Avenue Traffic Report
This is a Chicago-based, single-speed riding, dumpster diving, soy yogurt fueled, late-night roof climbing zine about one kid from Northern Wisconsin living in the city.{;}

My Blog
Just my personal online journal of observations and things that go through my head.

Bulls Blog
The title says it all... Bulls basketball.

Rosa Mystica
Blog by a Catholic 20-something who is a rabid Cubs fan.

Sabrina Faire
All the fun of a saucy wench, none of the overpriced beer.

Ed Knittel's thoughts about anything and everything including music, movies, parties, clubs, and everyday Chicagoland stuff.

Ursula's Not So Secret History
The inner thoughts of a 30-something single gal living in Chicago, Illinois.

Shebazzle: Andrew's Thought Farm
...entertaining mammals on the web since 1687.

Pete Lit
Literary pretendings, off-the-cuff insights and the occasional rant.

SourAaron - a shameless knockoff of SourBob
Yet another separation and divorce journal written by yet another Chicago area guy.

I'm not the new me. Weblog plus old-school online journal about body image and other fun stuff.

Journal(s) of the projects of Chicago-based improv performer and director Fuzzy Gerdes.

Her Majesty, the Ninja
The misadventures and miscommunication of a 20-year-old DePaul student's everyday life. It's spectacular, really.

Fencing for Dummies
A blog about Fencing and everything else that strikes my fancy.

Sanjay's Coding Tips
This is where I keep track of little programming tips and cool tools I come across on the web. The occasional political rants are also thrown in.

Ray's Periodic Rantings
Political blurtings, personal to-do lists, musings and more from a Chicago area Mac guy, neon artist, Burner, and widower.

Notes of Chaos
Thoughts of a worka-day programming drone on music, games, popular culture, and occasionally politics.

Grim Amusements
Your daily dose of corrosive cynicism, covecommunity, politics national and local, civil rights, gay issues and anything else that crosses my path.

A Prairie Web Companion
The random musings of a Chicago native.

A twenty-something livin' in chi-town.

Crazy Thoughts
Spudart.org has random thoughts, links, art, design, illustration. By Matt Maldre, a wiseguy Chicago designer, artist, photographer who laughs a lot.

The Making of a Restaurant
We're two guys, Luke and Sandy, toying with the idea of opening a restaurant five to ten years from now.