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Fresh Paint
A blog about painting, sweaters, politics, writing, and getting Bush out of office ASAP.

Commentary about government, economics, crime, and technology... with a Midwestern twang. Also software and photographs.

BMF Phil
Personal site of Phil White. For my business site please visit www.whiteography.com

At Our Table
A food and lifestyle blog chronicling the culinary adventures of a Chicago-based young woman, her husband and their baby girl.

Piquance. Contrarianism. Conservative-Libertarianism, Literacy, Gothic Romantic Fatalism, Ordinance, Design, and Garage Rock.

Inexpressive Platitudes
Bromides, high camp, banality -- the joy of unedited self-publishing in all its pretense and inanity.

Journey of 1000 stitches
I am a stay at home mom of two wonderful daughters and a darling baby boy. I enjoy working on lots of crafts (that is when I get a chance between all the daily to-do's with the kids, around the house, ...

Blogging Blagojevich's Blunders
Blogging Blagojevich's Blunders exists to discuss and analyze Governor B's miscues and foibles; to provide information about the 2006 election; and perhaps to organize campaigns against RB in the Democratic ...

Gina's RantSpot
From the author of relationship columnist, Gina B., this blog gives her a space to vent about things other than relationships.

Johnny Scaldo's Online Therapy
If a blog falls in the middle of the city and no one is around, does it cause any angst?

Endless Musings
This blog contains the random thoughts, feelings, and observations of a slightly "left of normal" young woman from the Chicagoland area.

It's two... two... two blogs in one! Chris (Owl-Head, or C) and Gina (Shocky, or G) Witt are two married folk (that's "to each other") who live in the Chicago-area suburbs, love their regular routine and ...

Southern Gal Goes North
Words by a transplanted southerner in Chicago who misses home, has finally become published, and feels that it is either write or take more Effexor in order to stay sane.

Blue Fairlane
A Kentucky fugitive ponders life in a place where you have to wear shoes.

CTA tattler
CTA Tattler: Seen and heard on the Chicago Transit Authority. A chronicle of the strange and bizarre on Chicago's public transportation system.

Skipping Along
Just random babblings about my life as a wife and a stay-at-home-homeschooling-mom of three.

Daily blogging by a recently graduated, not yet teaching, recently married, gay mennonite living in Chicago.

The Placebo Effect
I love writing on issues concerning Chicago.

Your channel for everything from the mind of Zero.

Oh No You Didn't
Welcome to my world bitches! It is a place full of medical school, nights of drinking and debauchery, laughter, great friends, and the antics of my own doing. All in all it is pretty cool being me.

me[three]dia = Andrew Huff

Preaching to the Perverted
Ramblings from a Chicagoan working man by day, law student by night.

The Wine Cellar
A personal wine journal.

Lipstick on Your Teeth
Just because we're bitchy doesn't mean we're not ladies.

Serpentine Dancing Queen
One non-blonde talkin about a revolution. It's a Sunday morning roundtable for your computer.