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Personal websites about congenital heart{;}defects. Congenital Heart disease affects one in one hundred babies, it is the most common birth defect. Read our heart warming stories. Watch our children grow up. Most of our children are living and doing well, but many have lost their battle with CHD..

Jessica Faith Taylor (HLHS)
Jessica Faith Taylor\'s story and news. Jessica is a newborn with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) and this site is dedicated to keeping friends and family updated on her progress and give hope to ...

All about Sam
Our 4 month old boy undergoes open-heart surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital to repair a large heart defect. (VSD)

Three Hearts
The story of three siblings with CHD (TAPVR, PAPVR, ASD & VSD.)

Mason's Heart
Monthly updates on my grandson who was born with HLHS. Daily life of a child with HLHS{;}

Jeffrey's story - Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
Jeffrey was born with a congenital heart defect called HLHS (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome). If you've recently learned of your child having the same heart defect, know that there is hope for HLHS and ...

Our Cottage & David's Heart
Our family site with information on David and his life with Tetrology of Fallot. Our site also has recipes, crafts, poems, and more.

Special Hearts Graphics
Dedicated to families living with Congenital Heart Defects, this site has graphics designed for use on personal home pages and not for profit sites with CHD in heart and mind.

Trevor's Site
i! Our names are Michael and Laurie Beard. We have two daughters, Heather{;} 14 and Brianna 7. We tried for a long time to have a son, and finally our prayers{;} were answered ...

Sadie HLHS
My daughter, Sadie, was born on May 15, 1995. She was a full-term, good-sized baby (8lb.,1oz.). Because of a{;} difficult 36 hour labor her apgar scores were low and they monitored her closely in the ...

Jacob Anthony Pardee -HLHS
Hypoplastic Left Heart Defect

pulmonary stenosis and ebsteins anomaly
Our child Alex Matt Croft was born on the 25 December 1997, on the 26 December{;} he was diagnosed as having pulmonary stenosis and ebsteins anomaly. on the 31{;} December he ...

HeartLine Association
We are the HeartLine Association, a UK charity supporting children with congenital heart disease and their families.{;}On-line quarterly magazine, message board, links, guest book.

Hearts of Hope
Hearts of Hope is a web site dedicated to children born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Most of our stories are from Austalia but we have others from around the world{;}

Lady Irene's Camelot
Everything Irish, plus my family's pages. Also, I'm writing from my journal regarding raising my child with Down Syndrome. It's a work in progress. There's also genealogy, history and more.

James Page
{;}James is an Aussie HLHS survivor born on the 3rd of October 2000. James has had all 3 of his surgeries now and doing very well.

Joey's Heart
This webpage tells the story of my son's treatment for a congenital heart defect known as subaortic stenosis. It also is to promote congenital heart defects awareness

The Association for Children with Heart Disorders
The Association for Children With Heart Disorders (TACHD) gives advice and support to parents who have, or have had, children with cardiac disorders.

Our Little Angel
This site is dedicated to my grandson, Keaton Christopher Pittman who was born with HPLHS. He lived 3 1/2 weeks after having the Norwood.

Josiah's Heart Page
Story of Josiah's birth and struggle with CHD{;}

Finn and Breana's Adventures.
Finn and Breana, twins, were born the 9th of December 2000.{;}{;}This is the story of their lives so far and includes such adventures as, being born 8 weeks early, congenital heart defects, heart surgery#1, ...

Information and support for the world-wide CHD community{;}

Ryan's Special Heart
A family webpage that celebrates the lives of the Smith children, Jake, Ryan and Shea as well as the experiences Ryan has had being born with TGA, a congenital heart defect that almost took his life as ...

Elyse's Website
The purpose of this site is to share our experience and let you know you are not alone. If you keep the faith, this ordeal will end before you know it. If you believe in God, have faith, if you don't ...

Kirsty Noelle
In about the 20th week of my pregnacy the Dr's discovered that the right side of my baby's heart was too small. When I heard those words my heart broke. Almost instantly I had a million questions. Will ...

Hi my name is Kim Hancock and I was born
Hi my name is Kim Hancock and I was born{;} with T.G.A.(transposition of the great{;} arteries) I had open heart surgery when i{;} was born and many after that, the ...