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A community dedicated to the memory of our CHD Angels.Among this community of hearts you will find: love, support, friendship,laughter, grief, tears, strength and hope. You'll learn more about our angels, near and far; you'll learn about what makes us keep going,{;}dredging through this grief. It's strength and love, unconditional{;}love. The strength and unconditional love we have all recieved from the angels that have touched our lives forever. This kind of strength can only be found in such a circle of hearts. Please share the stories, the{;}love, the incredible journey's our angels have taken; a journey of the{;}heart. Read the stories of our heroes that fought so valiantly in the battle against Congenital Heart Defects. Join us in trying to raise awareness about CHD's so fewer and fewer families have to walk this path we are on. In loving tribute to our fallen heroes, the loving families they've{;}left behind and those who care about them.{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}

Remembecommunity Natalie
Our memorial site in honor of our precious baby girl, who was unexpectedly born with a congenital heart defect. Come and share our memories of her, and let her touch your heart. See our family photos, ...

This is a site that was made for our Angel Ethan.... He passed away at the age of 4 weeks due to a CHD.

Angel Zachary
In this site, you will see what you can do to help stop congenital heart defects, the #1 birth defect, and you will read about our little CHD angel and his angel friends and CHD survivors, there is also ...

Precious Faith
A memorial to my daughter Faith Elizabeth who died at the age of five days due to congenital heart disease.

Angel Baby Skyler
This site is dedicated to my beautiful son Skyler who died of Pulmonary Hypertension due to a heart defect.

Molly's Page
This website is dedicated to our daughter Molly, who sadly lost her short life six hours after birth to Hypoplastic Left Heart syndrome in September 2001. Come and visit in Molly's page and share in our ...

Our Precious Little Lamb
A memorial to my baby son who died from a heart defect (CHD). How we have continued as a family after his loss. {;}How we have memoralized Taylor in our home & hearts.{;}Heartache, heart defect information, ...