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A community for knitters (or other fibery-crafters) who love Martha's Vineyard

She Knits By The Seashore
I discuss my knitting projects, current reading, and love of summer, and occasionally post photos of my cats.


Knitting and spinning and dyeing and having fun.

Carole Knits

Emptynest Knitter
Both of my kids are in college so I have LOTS of time to knit!!!

Knitting Underway
If only the Navy didn't take me so far from Martha's Vineyard!

call me purl
A knitting journal

Stcommunitys -n- Strands
My blog featurse posts about how the strands of my life knit together.

Top of the World Knits
I created the blog as an outlet to showcase my knitting, needlepoint, and quilting projects and also to share my thoughts, ideas, and inspirations for my crafts. My husband, daughter, and I traveled to ...