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Cessna Aircraft for Sale
We carry them all! We have Cessna 172, 150, 152, 185, 206, 310 and more for Sale. Plus Aircraft Information, History and Products, Manuals, Parts. We also have Used Cessna Airplanes for Sale as well ...

Take to the Sky! Cessna Aircraft for Sale
We've got Cessna aircraft for sale, including: Cessna 172, 150, 152, 185, 206, 310 and more! Find Aircraft Information, History and Products, Manuals, Parts as well as Used Cessna Airplanes for Sale. Mustang, ...

Up, Up and Away! Cessna Aircraft for Sale

The first time Clyde Cessna saw an airplane exhibition in 1911 in Oklahoma City, he was enchanted. From that moment on, he wanted nothing more than to fly.

Learning that aviators earned as much as $1,000 a show, Cessna’s fate was sealed. He then set out to do what aircraft designers of his day said couldn’t be done: create a monoplane that used a wing without supporting struts. He changed the aviation world forever when his first Cessna All Purpose took off August 13, 1927. Since then, Clyde Cessna’s cantilever wing design has become the standard for small aircraft ever since.

These days when a sign or ad appears that says “Cessna Aircraft for Sale,” it usually means the happy pilot is moving up to a new Cessna. Ever upward and onward has been the flight of the aircraft company that began in Wichita, Kansas and now does business all over the world. Sometimes those “Cessna Aircraft for Sale” signs were posted during hard times. For instance, two of its early models, the Cessna DC-6A and DC-6B, earned their flight  certification on October 29, sharing this day in history with the Great Stock Market Crash.

During the Great Depression that followed, Cessna got through hard times by selling some 300 Cessna CG-2 single-seat gliders designed by Eldon Cessna. Things started looking up in 1933 when the Cessna CR-3 won the 1933 American Air Race in Chicago and later sets a new world speed record for engines smaller than 500 cubic inches by averaging 237.4 mph.

As World War II loomed, the T-50 prototype made its first flight with Clyde’s nephew, Dwane Wallace, at the controls in 1940. A few months later, the U.S. Army ordered 33 specially equipped T-50's – at the time, the largest order in Cessna's history. The Army's new planes are designated AT-8's. By the 1950s, Cessna was the one of the top producers of personal aircraft. Venturing into the business-class aircraft sector in the 1960s, Cessna's first business jet, the FanJet 500, officially named the Citation, makes its maiden flight on September 15, 1969.

By 1975, Cessna had produced 100,000 single-engine airplanes. Its business-class craft continued to expand through the next decade to take in air delivery, including providing one of its Caravan I models as the first aircraft to be used by Federal Express. The aircraft manufacturer deliver its first plane, a Citation X, to China in 2001, and in 2009 gained approval for its first plane in Russia.

Clyde Cessna was inducted into the First Flight Shrine by the First Flight Society in 2007. Having sold nearly 200,000 aircraft, more than any other manufacturer in history, the company bearing his name entered the 21st century as the leading designer and manufacturer of single engine aircraft, light and midsize business jets, and utility turboprops. Clyde Cessna’s dreams fly on and we fly on them!