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This community is my attempt to link the best sites dealing with Celtic Paganism, specifically those created by pagans who call themselves Celtic Witches.

Reul Iuil Brighde
The Site is dedicated to the Celtic Goddess/Saint Brigid. We are an online Circle of Brigid\'s Flame Keepers. We go through a cycle of 19 days where each member tends to their own Brigid Candle for a 24 ...

Daughters of Daghda
My site is dedicated to my Matron Goddess Brighid. I will share little bits of my devotion to Her and my life in Her honor, including my poetry, my cats, eventually some heral lore and more. Building ...

Discover Magick: Learn, Create, Divine, Worship

Northern Pagan's of British Columbia
A newer site offecommunity information and support to Pagan's in the icy north of british Columbia, Canada{;}

Druantia: Woman And Witch
a brand new site for witches to be about living the magickal life{;}

Ericka's Magickal Homepage
Personal site dedicated to witchcraft and magick, from the history of the craft to spells, books, information and advice.{;}

A homepage of Wiccan material and facts, spells and how they work, list of common everyday magick items, little know moon facts that may interest every one, etc.{;}

Lady Bridget's Wiccan Ways
{;}Dedicated to the Goddess Brid, here you will find information on how to practice Wicca, how to do Spellcrafting, how to make Mead, and so much more. Definitely worth a visit!

Immrama: The Homeland and Sacred Isles
{;}An exploration and introduction to the Ancient Irish concept of Immrama or Soul journey: the basis of all Irish witchcraft traditions: with guided meditations on each aspect of the Homeland /Sacred ...

Elements of Nature
Welcome to Elements of Nature! A family oriented site, where life is a magickal adventure. Walk through the gardens and groves, or visit the many rooms of my castle, all are welcome in perfect love and ...

Leabhar Draiocht(A Book of Druid Magicks and Lore)
My Online Book of Magicks and Lore based on my traditions and practices (Eclectic Witchcraft rooted strongly in Celtic Druidism/Witchcraft and Gypsy Magick from my family on both sides for centuries). ...

A site about wicca etc

Raven Queen's Domain
This is just a little shrine dedicated to the god Bran. A few myths, and stories are here, some little thoughts on the subject; it's just starting out but will grow in time. You never know where this all ...

Ceaira's Castle of Witchcraft
The Castle of Witchcraft is a collection of articles relating to all Wicca and Witchcraft. Several sections inlcuding Herbs,Healing, Wicca, Energy.

Grainne's Celtic Pagan Resources
Celtic Pagan resources and the home of the Witches of the WebCommunity ~ All are welcome here....{;}

BeanSidhe Dreams
My site, "BeanSidhe Dreams", is dedicated to the many Celtic Goddesses. My plan is to write mini-essays on Goddesses who interest me and with whom I've worked; my information will come both from books ...

Mystical Night
Our first Pagan/wiccan page{;}

Joelle's Sacred Grove
Site created by a Celtic Witch looking to inform others and become a useful resource for anyone interested in the path of a Celtic/Kitchen/Green witch. Contains information on Celtic Art-History-Beliefs-Deities, ...

Xavienne's WebWorld
This is my home on the web, my place to spew forth thoughts on any subject from the craft to costumes to what people act like in public. It features pics of my designs and my cats and a few special humans. ...

Clan of the Keltic Moon
This is a group of Celtic Pagans who banded together to form a network of support for one another.

Rhiannon's Musings
A personal site which explores Celtic Paganism, Scottish and Viking heritage, the runes and links to sites for Pagan Parents

Dn Sgthan
Site of a couple of Scottish (Pictish, Gaelic, Norse) Reconstructionists living in the Great North Woods and trying to build a farm. Articles on warrior path, the Picts, Pagan freaks, Celtic hounds and ...

Traditional Witchcraft in Butte County
Traditional Celtic Witchcraft in Butte County CA.

Aryana Tisarana
The Aryana Tisarana site covers nearly, (though not fully) every aspect of the Celts.

Paganlore, Celtic WitchCraft, Crystals, herbs, Stones, Witchcraft 101, Grimoire, and more