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Celebrities can be known for a talent like acting or dancing or they can be people known for simply being seen at the right spot and doing the right thing. Look at Paris Hilton!
If you're obsessed with all things celebrity and have always secretly longed to be in the limelight then this community is all about you! Get all kinds of great information and resources and of course, some juicy celebrity gossip too.

Apolo Anton Ohno, Speed Skater
Speed Skater Apolo Anton Ohno made this another Olympics to remember at the short track. Photo and open letter to Apolo Anto Ohno.

Hilary and Haylie Duff
Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff are Sisters. Read about their lives and find products like dvd’s, posters and more. The Duff Sisters have taken the world by storm! Find out just how!

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Olsen Twins
It's about Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Twins! Find information about their lives as well as Photos, Pictures, products and more. We also have ano pen letter to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

It's All About Celebrities
From Paris Hilton to Britney Spears, we've got all things celebrities and more right here.

Celebrities - Love 'Em, Hate 'Em, Be One of 'Em
Celebrities are everywhere on the TV, in movies, magazines in the papers practically everywhere you look. They make films, sing songs, host shows, act, dance and give interviews, some celebrities even promote products tempting us to by the latest version of this and that. Some of us quite frankly are sick of the sight of some of them where as others worship the ground that they walk on. Why do we do this? I believe we do this because we want deep down what they have; the money, the lifestyle, the popularity, the sexual bonus but without any of the bad points like being chased by photographers twenty four seven, not being able to walk down a street without being mobbed and that kind of thing. Don’t even try and tell me you haven’t thought about it and wished because everyone at some point in their lives has.
So do you want to try and have the lifestyle and become famous? Or do you just want to stay as who you are and watch from the sidelines happy in your anonymity? Well either way is the right way for you but for me I am happy to read about the news not be the news. But if you, yes you reading this, want a few pointers of how to become a celebrity then read on and give it your best shot! Seriously, these days one can become famous without years of acting school or singing lessons or any talent at all for that matter! Just look at Paris Hilton!

Get noticed – This is one of the hardest steps you need to overcome but once you conquer this mountain the rest is relatively easy! What ever you have decided that your special talent is or what kind of contract you want to land then getting noticed will open all of the doors that have been previously locked and closed from you. The best way to do this is to get out there and put your self right into the middle of it all. If you want to become a model then go have some flashy photos done and hand out your portfolio to every model agency you can think of. If you want to be a singer then make a demo tape or CD and send it to every agency you can think of, film yourself for youtube.com they have launched many a star in the last few years. If you want to be an actor or actress then get yourself down to the auditions and audition for everything!! Get yourself noticed. For some people this can take time but is worth it when it does happen where as for others it is instant.

Try and keep down to earth – This is also another hard thing to do. Once you have been noticed and your career takes off it is easy to get swept up in the whole excitement and magic of the situation. This is when people can turn from the nicest people you have ever met into the nastiest stroppy person who has let fame go to their heads! If this happens you will find you will be dropped like a hot potato as there are another hundred hopefuls just waiting to take your place out there so by keeping relaxed and down to earth you will continue to get more work. People will comment how nice you are in interviews and this will fuel your career forward and not backwards. Don this by spending time with people you knew before the fame, even if this means going round to tea at your Nan’s house every Sunday. Well done you!

Be money conscious – Remember that fame can be fleeting so invest your money wisely or save a large proportion of it for a rainy day. So if the weather does suddenly change directions you will always have a back up.

Always be good to your fans – Remember they are the people who put you where you are and if they loose faith or trust in you can drop you just as quick.