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The concept to this community is simple. If you have a cause you support, you are{;} welcome to join!

I Fell Down..A Story of Lupus
My Story of Surviving Lupus.How My Faith sustained Me.Find love and support here. chatroom,links and more

Lady Angel's Cloud Castle
My site is every thing I hold dear to heart.

Sunshine House of Faith
My site is my testimony of seeing Jesus twice in my life. I have been healed lots of times. I believe in angels and prayer strongly. He is in my heart and will never leave for I love the Lord so dearl ...

Little Angel Lost
An inspirational journey with lifes ups and downs and lots of photos. Hope you will stop by?{;}

Gentle Touch's Web
Gentle Touch's Web is committed to helping all survivors of all forms of abuse, now including hate crime survivors. If just one child or adult can be helped in some small way, it will have been worth it ...

Cheryl`s Story
My Page Titled: Cheryl`s Story is about my Personal Battle with the Disease known as UC/Ulcerative Colitis. It is my 12th page in my "Friends & Angels" Home Site. There are Links to different causes that ...

Angel's Cloud
My PCOS Journal on how I have dealt with infertility, causes I support that have affected my life...

Because He Lives
Taking a stand against abuse in the church.