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This community connects sites that have some section on cats, and are of a mystical, magickal, mythological for fantastical nature.

Miss Farnaby's
Meet Her Catness Miss Farnaby and her friends, share her concerns, have some fun, tour her home, then perhaps visit her human's pages: Dr. Who, Vegetarian Recipes and Recycling Tips, Oberstein (her hometown ...

Dr darktrees lab

Jane's Cat Page
My page about cats - humour, info, graphics, links.

Daughters of the Daghda
An Irish Reconstructionist homepage, dedicated to my Matron Goddess Brighid, with a page all about the cats that share my life.

ThunderWolf's Den
This page is about cats - find out how old your cat is in cat years; read what they're sign says about them and what their tails are trying to tell you! Plus there's much more information on the other ...

Cat links and funny stories.

Clan of the Cave Cat
A site with cat folklore, mythology and magick. We also have free ecards, a message board, graphics & more.

ThunderWolf's Den
A labryinth of dens dealing with various subjects from A to Z - stopping abuse, poetry, cats, wicca, wolves, the rainforest, and more.