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This community is dedicated to all people who are owned by their cats. We promote Spay/Neuter and only the proper treatment of our beloved feline friends.

TexasPepper's Home Page
Family rated personal website with stories and pix about my 22 cats, both present and deeply missed, my kids, Texas, vegetarians recipes, causes, memorials and so much more.

Lilley Pad Pets
If you love animals, please visit our pad. We were all adopted from our local animal shelter.

The BratCats
A comprehensive site for and about cats and home of The Top 50 Feline Sites List, the Bratcats Community and The Keeper of The Stars Community. We are a family-friendly site stressing animal welfare issues. ...

Wonderful World of Animals
Here you will find stories of how my cat and dog were adopted, pet causes we believe in,{;}photos, links, awards to win and much more!

Sue's Furry Family: Lucy's Page
This page is about Lucy a.k.a. LuciFurr, Mistress of Darkness who rules our house. Even the dogs are afraid of her.

PL's Pets And More
{;}Come and meet my kitties! Hear their stories from their point of view and keep up with Maggie's secret diary as she undergoes and recuperates from being spayed.

The RugCats' Rag
Meet the RugCats, six of the most pampurred kitties in the feline realm. Learn about spaying and neutecommunity and the responsibilities of having cats in the house.{;}

Clarissa's Corner
Rissa kitty was adopted from the Ky. Humane Society. This is her journal from kittenhood to adulthood.

lotje's place!
Personal site with some pictures of my cats

Opossum Sally's Goldenmean
This site contains articles and links on a wide variety of subjects including gardening, crafts, pets, poetry, jokes, writing, quips & quotes, health, cooking, and much more.

My world of cats includes: Breeds, History, Health, Hazards, Photos/Your Feline Album/Pages, FAQ's/Ask A Question, Forum, Free-For-All-Links page, Banners, Communitys and more...

Moggies - Home of the online cat guide, free cat helpfiles, free programs and screensavers, lots more information for cat lovers everywhere, questions and answers.

Cats, Kittens And More
All the info you need to help care for and raise your cat/kitten and more!!!

Cats Kittys Gatos
Mews & Purrs! Come meet JuJu, Bella, Simba & our Rainbow Bridge baby, Taffy! At their site read tons of IMPORTANT Cat Information, Join our Top Kitty Kat Site List, Clubs & Communitys! Send a Kitty Kat ...

Puddy Tat and Tigger Too
{;}About my four furred children plus stories, poems, photos, graphics, health tips, animal welfare and anti-cruelty pages, and more.

Daisy's Universe
Site about kitties.

Two Tuxedo Cats
Our site is about Mimi, Muffin, & Molly the tuxedo cats. We have our own club for naughty kitties & communitys to join. Come and visit us!

Cats' Communitys
This page is dedicated to my domestic calico cats, Callie and Pixie.

Meet the furbabies in stories and pics. We strongly promote animal rights, spay/neuter and adopting strays. Visit our special Rainbow Bridge section and the memorials to our own furangels. Apply for ...

The Cat Gallery
This cat art parody site combines the legendary styles of the world's great artists with humorous scenes of cats. Original art, funny prints, affordable gift ideas, awards, free cat art as ecards, email ...

My Kitty Cats and Manx on the WWW
Welcome to my Kitty Cats and Manx on the WWW website. Our website is all about my cats and the manx breed. I also have a spay/neuter page, anti-declaw page, sign our guestbook, our photos, and more.

Noir's Den
hey hairball, com sea fur yerself!{;}

MY THREE CATS plus two
MY THREE CATS plus two, Many photos of "MAINE COON MAYHEM", for your viewing pleasure.{;}

Oz and Voodoo's Playground
Oz and Voodoo's Playground is dedicated to the welfare of cats and other animals in Canada and around the world. We support shelter adoption, spay/neuter and are anti-declaw. Our site offers cat-related ...

Jane's Cat Page
{;}A page devoted entirely to cats. Some lovely cat graphics!