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A community for cat maniacs

Biffy Thinks
A homepage by a Feline for Felines and Friends of Felines. Biffy is always thinking. There are pages of great cat snacks to cook, information on veterinary care, communitys, cat humor...chock full of fun ...

Shirley Thinks
Highly eclectic site. My thoughts on many subjects. Laughter mixed with tears. Family and friends, humor, causes, food, fun, cats and much more. {;}

Precious Babies
Here you will see my love for animals, cats in particular. You will find poems, stories, information and much more. Stop by and meet my "precious baby" Dusty.

PL's Pets And More
Come and meet my kitties! Hear their stories from their point of view and keep up with Maggie's secret diary as she undergoes and recuperates from being spayed.