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Aquarium Catfish - Ugly Yet Useful
Aquarium Catfish are known to be scavengers, and they are used within your fish tank as cleaners. They can be very beautiful to look at to some where as others see them as being very ugly but useful--poor little guys! There are around two thousand and forty species of catfish and they are the largest species of fresh water fish.

Catfish are easy to recognized by their barbells (they use these to taste things) which look like the whiskers on a cat, which gives them their name! Catfish do not have scales on their body which is unusual for a fish but to provide extra protection from other fish some catfish have armor plating, which is totally cool!! Another way that they protect themselves is by using their fins. They have a strong hallow ray which is embedded in their fins. If they feel like they are in danger or even if they get irritated then they let out a stinging protein. Catfish are not all doom and gloom though they are also known for their goofy and comical behavior!!

Catfish are very different to other fish when it comes to how to look after them and what to feed them. One of the main features of catfish is that they are bottom dwellers and they eat none stop so they can when their own food resources dry up, steel food off the other fishes. They can unusually for fish point their mouths downwards and upwards. You can tell what the catfish is doing by the direction their mouth is pointed in; pointing their mouth downwards means that they are scavenging for leftovers and pointing their mouth upwards means they will eat pretty much anything that will fit in their mouths. So basically they are complete pigs!!

The most common catfish that you can buy for your aquarium are the armored catfish. These armored catfish like to have soft bottoms in the tank so use sand material instead of stones as they prefer the food within the substrate in the sand. They are also picky when it comes to the water temperature; they like it between the middle to upper seventies. Some of the other catfish types include; Cory or Corydoras Catfish. Suckermouth Armoured, Plecos, Plecs, Banjo, Thorny, Talking, Long Whiskered, Redtail Catfish and more.
Catfish are also known to be predators in their quest for constant food; they have been known to eat small fish that are in tanks. So make sure they have a good supply of food at all times to stop this from happening. As such catfish are very peaceful besides this and normally if fed properly as very pleasant and lovely fish to have in your tank. Catfish are best fed later in the evening because they are nocturnal in their activities. Catfish do need rock caves, passages, and other hiding places to hide themselves though. Another decoration they like in the tank is driftwood; they love this because they are able to scratch minerals from them. Some catfish also love to be in the dark so make the light in the tank not so bright and include plenty of rocks and wood so they can hide themselves in the dark and be happily antisocial!