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No one can deny that castles are magical. For anyone who love history there is nothing like castles or their ruins for helping you to take a trip to another time. And this community is dedicated to those who are enchanted by castles and would like to know more about the castles of the world.
This look at castles will have you longing to start planning your next vacation so that you can admire these majestic places and their ruins up close. Come on in and see what awaits!

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Castles of the World
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Our Love of Castles
We can thank fairytales for our love of castles. Since childhood most of us have dreamed of castles and imagined life behind the majestic stone walls. As adults, we still admire them in many of our favorite films and even pay to visit the ruins of them on our European vacations! I guess you’re never too old to be in awe of these beauties whether still standing or mere remnants of what once was.

There are hundreds of castles all over the world. There is more than one castle in every country and the tourism revenue that those castles generate pay to help renovate and keep the castles running. One of the more popular locations for castles is the United Kingdom and Ireland. There are over six hundred castles in England; over two hundred in Wales, five hundred in Scotland and in Ireland there are over two hundred. In no other united country is there this many castles in such a small place. A person could take a lifetime to visit them all!
The National Heritage owns a large chunk of the castles, the royal family another chunk and the rest are either ruined or privately owned. Not all castles are open to the public but the ones that are run tours around them. Some charge a small fee on the entrance so that the castles up keep can be maintained. Running a castle so that is fit for the public to view costs a fortune and many people do not understand how much this is. The cost runs into millions each year, the ones that are owned by the national trust have tours around them which pays the bills with some private donations, the royal castles are paid for by the royal purse and the privately owned castles are paid for by the families that own them.

The first recorded castles that were built in England were built in 1066 after the Norman Conquest. Surprisingly, they were made out of wood and straw and over 500 were built in the 20 years that William the Conquer ruled England. These castles were called Motte and Bailey castles and consisted of a large fort on top of a mound that was referred to as the castle with a small village attached to it on the flat. A mote surrounded the whole complex so that they were hard to invade without detection. Unfortunately these castles are no longer visible due to the materials used. The first stone castle to be built in 1119 is Leeds castle in Maidstone in Kent. It is built on an Island in the middle of a large lake and has housed many King and Queens which included Henry VIII. Unfortunately the castle was nearly destroyed but it was lavishly in the nineteenth century by Edward I. The castle runs tours that are open to the public and the castle is still owned by the crown. Within it’s walls the castle boasts several ornate gardens, a maze that is believed to have been the secret meeting place for Henry VIII and Anne Boylen, Aviary, duckery and a museum that houses the most unusual and unique collection of antique pet collars that are over hundreds of years old. Other castles that are owned by the Royal family include; Windsor castle, Balmoral, Kensington, Kew, Hampton Court, Edinburgh castle and Howard Castle.

Finally, if you’re love of castles is to take you anywhere else in order to admire them; a trip to Portugal should may be worth considering. The country is filled with a history and charm that can’t be beat, not to mention an abundance of castles to visit no matter where in the country your travels takes you! From Castelo Sao Jorge in Lisbon to Castle of Ourém located in the interior region; you’ll be up to your sunglasses in history with a trip here!