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This community is for anyone with a page about cars. Race cars, classic cars, car parts, street rods, even the family car! We offer a choice of two car graphics; or, you can use your own!

Crystal's Tribute to Dale Earnhardt
Tribute to Dale Eardnhardt, in memory.

Mike's Kittie Place
This site is maintained by my two furbabies "The Little Girl" and, "Cybil". They keep me on my toes!{;}

Hattie's Story
{;}Sites,sounds,communitys,graphics,business pages, Rexy's pages & more

The Rebel Machine Scrapbook
{;}A site dedicated to photo documenting and registecommunity all existing machines, regardless of condition.Send pics/email/register your machine

Bill Elliott & NASCAR
{;}Bill Elliott fan page, with photos of the McDonalds 94 car, both current and classic, personal pics of the car and Bill Elliott, taken at Riverside, California, and many NASCAR links.{;}

~*Just Grafix!*~
This page is just a sampling of the work that I do. Painting and customizing cars is a hobby and side business of mine. Here you will see a few of my previous jobs. I hope you enjoy your visit and come ...

Ford Mustang
{;}Ford Mustang ... The Original Pony Car

Craigs 88 SS Monte Carlo page
{;}My 1988 Monte Carlo SS, pictures, links and more

Carjockey's Corner
Carjockey's Corner has a bit about my job as a car jockey and some pics of the cars I drive. There's also a bit about fishing, fitness and my hobbies of camping and hiking. More to be added soon.{;}

Crow Mountain Motorsports
Official site of #37 Jake Hale. Site has photos of stock cars, links, forum......

Smoky Mountain Heartland Chapter, Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club
Homepage of the Smoky Mountain Heartland Chapter, Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club. Featucommunity Club Info., Applications, Calendar of Events, Hudson History, Links, Member's Cars Gallery and More.

Robert E. Giles
1930 Model "A" Ford Deluxe Coupe and 1926 Chrysler "50" Series Club Coupe for sale.

Gilz's Monte Carlo S.S.
Dedicated to the Monte Carlo SS (& LS, LE, SE) Replicas. Grand Prix, Grand National and Oldsmobile. Links. Plus other surfers cars. And my 87 Monte Carlo SS. {;}

Zee's Gremlin Page
{;}1977 401 powered GREMLIN

{;}Home of the CRAZY FOR CARS community. If you love cars, this is the community for you. This includes custom cars, street rods, hot rods, sports cars, race cars, antique cars, even the family sedan. ...

See my classic l973 Pink Cadillac Convertible, and one very old Cadillac Demolition Car! Then take a virtual ride along the Southern California coast, in "Pink Champagne".{;}

{;}my personal home page of cats and other favorites and fun stuff.....lots to do and see.

Our site is set up to inform people about NASCAR and our on line NASCAR Group. We have NASCAR news, Driver information,graphics,and so much more. Come and join us!!

#1 Classic and Used Cars Dealer in Antelope Valley - Vehicle Liquidation
If you are a Classic Car enthusiast and in the market to find that special car, then visit the #1 Used Car & Classic Dealer in the Antelope Valley area, covecommunity Palmdale, Lancaster, Littlerock, Rosamond. ...

1100+ Novelty Vanity License Plates & Signs
1100+ Novelty Vanity License Plates, Signs & Light Switch Covers that are the Highest Quality Embossed Aluminum & we ship worldwide. There are many laugh out loud funny, John Deere, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, ...

*Car Wheel Beacommunitys | Wheel Beacommunity
We provide Premium hub units that are manufactured in Gaylord, MI by Wheel Beacommunitys, Inc. Each wheel beacommunitys and hub assembly unit that we sell is tested before it is shipped to you, so we ...

Antique & Classic Car Club of Canada
ACCCC is a group of automobile enthusiasts with 13 regional chapters mainly in Ontario, Canada. We recognize unmodified cars 20 years of age and older but ownership of a car is not a prerequisite for ...

Catering to Enthusiasts of Fine Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles As well as any other Special Interest Transportation World-Wide

Hot Cars and Hot Girls
A car site from the Nsane family of websites that features amazing photo and high quality video galleries of hot cars from the past and present that were photographed along with hotter Models of various ...

Crazy For Cars

In the seventeenth century, a Swiss inventor made an indelible mark on the future of human society with his invention of the internal combustion engine. Over the past 350 years, weíve used this technology to produce the motorcar, or as it is commonly called today, the car. The first car however, was steam-powered, and it wasnít until years later that the internal combustion engine was invented. Today, there are almost as many cars as people in the modern world. There are also many different kinds of cars, including sports cars, fast cars, slow cars, electric cars, hybrid cars, new cars, used cars, rental cars, and the list goes on. So what makes a car a car?


The loose definition of a car is a vehicle that carries passengers as well as its own motor, hence the term motor vehicle. However, there are many types of motor vehicles, so whatís special about a car? Cars are usually driven on roads and have four wheels. We must give a very general definition of the word car, because it does, after all, refer to so many different automobiles. The great thing about cars is that you donít have to know much about the way a car works to use one. Because most cars have passenger seats, you can ride in a car without having to know how to drive. Driving a car however, usually requires some training and the successful completion of a driving examination. You are often given the option in a driving exam to do the test in your own car or to borrow a car from an instructor. Learning to drive a car can be intimidating but itís nothing compared to learning how to build a car. Luckily most car drivers donít need to know much about how their car works in order to drive it. Most of the mechanics of a car are hidden from view and the carís driver need only push some buttons and pull some levers to drive the car. If you own a car, itís a good idea to learn how your car works so that you can maintain it and not get swindled by mechanics. If you know absolutely nothing about cars, a good place to start is with the magic school bus. The magic school bus takes the car apart and describes the main parts of a car and their functions in the most basic terms. Knowing a thing or two about cars is especially important when buying used cars.

Used Cars

Before buying used cars, do our research. Though you can often save some money by buying used cars instead of new cars, you can also lose a lot of money if you donít know what youíre doing. Though many used car salesman are good honest people, some used car salesmen will take advantage of a customerís ignorance if itís obvious that they know nothing about cars. Used cars tend to have a lot more problems than new cars because theyíre older. Also, when you buy a used car, you often donít know anything about the carís previous owner or how well they maintained their car. You may find used cars for a great price that look good and appear to be in good condition only to find problems with your car later on that can be quite expensive to repair. The point is, be careful when buying used cars because if a deal on a used car seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Fast Cars

What about fast cars? Since the invention of the very first cars, cars have become faster and faster. Fast cars are expensive and unfortunately for fast car owners, thereís not much opportunity to drive your fast car as fast as it can go. Transportation routes today arenít built for fast cars, but for average cars and focus more on driversí safety. Fast cars also have higher insurance because drivers of fast cars are more likely to speed. So what are the advantages of fast cars? Fast cars are fast, which some people find exciting. Fast cars are also a status symbol, especially among men. Many older men buy fast cars almost equal to their mortgage. But fast cars arenít the only hot new things in car world. Many new cars run on electricity. With people becoming more and more concerned with the environment, car manufacturers are trying to develop new cars all the time that are more environmentally friendly.

Hybrid Cars

Today there are many different types of cars on the road, including diesel cars, gas cars, and electric cars, and hybrid cars. Diesel cars are less common in North America, but can still be found in use in parts of Europe. In North America diesel tends to be used in trucks rather than cars, and the cars run on gas instead. While electric cars are just starting to become popular, the hybrid car has already been around for a while. The hybrid car used both gas and electricity and is apparently a lot better for the environment than gas cars. This however is debatable. If one were to say that hybrid cars produce less greenhouse emissions, I would probably be in agreement. But hybrid cars bring with them their own slew of new problems. However, thereís hope for hybrid cars if enough people start buying them. The real challenge is to make a hybrid car that is less damaging to the environment but is also affordable to the average consumer. If enough hybrid cars are sold, they will have an easier time competing with traditional gas cars.

Rental Sports Cars

For lots of people, the only chance theyíll ever get to drive a sports car is when their company pays for their rental car on a business trip. Of course, sports cars are one of the most attractive types of rental cars but are usually also the most expensive rental cars.