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Click Member link to see site in tvPostcards From Pemberly
Just a blog about my life, knitting, spinning, and my shelties :)

Knitty Kitty
I talk about knitting, my life, my kids and my dogs.

Bark n Knit
This is my blog about my knitting, quilting, and my dogs. I'm a knitting novice and want to learn all I can...starting with cast on, knit, and purl...we'll go from there. :)

Reading and knitting---occasionally, crochet and life too! Need I say more? :)

Yarn Collectors Anonymous
A southern knitter posting the trials, tribulation and joys of being a new knitter along with pics of my miniature schnauzer Max.

Knit picking
Knitting Chihuahuas rock!

Dances With Wools
collection of free patterns and info about knit, crochet, natural dyes, spinning, and other fiber arts.

Hilary Likes to Knit. Knit Hilary Knit!
Just a girl in Seattle with a dog, a cat and lots of knitting.

A little quilting, knitting, beading, and other artsy stuff, along with family, friends, pets and other adventures....

The Adventures of Auggie and Zima
My two obsessions, my dogs and knitting, as well as a bunch of superfluous information about myself

A site for pug lovers that love to knit.

The adventures of a beginner knitter, and her trusty doggie sidekick.

Trying to spread the silliness
I am an avid dog lover, proud dog mom of 2 and also a crafter with crafting ADD...knitting, crocheting, beading...

Knit for Peace
Knit for Peace on March 21 with knitters (and sometimes their dogs) around the world.

Natalie Knits and Other Essential Bits
Knitter in Toronto with a crazy family, dog, boyfriend and lots of yarn.

Find Your Fur Baby
This is a blog to help you find your perfect chihuahua fur baby. It provides a compilation of links to breeders, and features a different puppy for sale each day.

Posts generally about knitting projects and the antics of my pup, Sadie.

Slow Knitter
Knitting and crochet blog

The Knitter's Restaurant
A blog about knitting and other stop that sometimes helps and sometimes interferes with knitting.

A bilingual knitting blog tracking all of my adventures and hilariously trajic knitting projects. I hope to share my current projects and obsessions, review knitting books and accessories, share problems/solutions/tips, ...

Knittin joys and disasters, family life

A knitting and crocheting greyhound owner.

The Furry Terrier
Knitting and spinning adventures with a fluffy dog.

Knitting, dogs, and the occasional randomness

Color & Texture
My two dogs supervise me as I knit, spin, dye, weave, crochet and putter about my life.

Sweater Envy
A site about knitting, and all of the crazy things that go on in my life. Topics usually concern my dog, my husband, and stupid things I see while driving back and forth to work.

All Stcommunitys Bright and Beautiful
‘threads’ about my ongoing projects & life

Whitneys Tropical Oasis
A mostly knitting blog with some other stuff thrown in.

Renee Knits Too
Knitting, quilting, baking, 3 talented standard poodles, horses, kids, husband, friends, laughing, loving, playing and the rest of my crazy life, adventures and hobbies.

Knitting for Love and Sanity
A blog about knitting, sewing, crafting, gardening, baking and other stuff like loving dogs!!

Purls and Pugs
Follow the knitting anctics of a small pug and her puppy mommy.

Martheme's Fiber Arts Blog
A blog about my fiber addiction, my life and my pets (dog, 2 cats & 4 rabbits)

The New Kniterati
What happens when you rediscover knitting after almost a half-decade long hiatus? I tried to re-register the Kniterati blog I wrote for a while in 2004, right around the time that knitting became ...