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My blog about knitting, writing & family (the 2-legged & the 4-legged variety)

Learning to knit, love dogs (especially a cutie named Presto)

A South Park Republican's Mental Meandecommunitys
I'm a knitting lawyer living in Connecticut with my husband, cat and dog.

knitting and other crafts

Maia Spins
The blog of a California spinner/knitter with two sweet Boston Terriers. Stop by for the knitting and spinning or the free knitting patterns and the occaisional recipe.

Riley and Me
I am a 25 year old with an M.Ed in counseling. I love knitting and my puppy.

Liz Knits
Ramblings of a LA knitter

Maple Corners
Maple Corners, a place where the dogs are constantly eyed for their fiber producing capability!

Purple Sheep

Personal thoughts on knitting, crochet, and other aspects of my life...

Fru-Gal: Another Knit Blog
An economical knitter who is allergic to wool (and alpaca, and mohair)

knit1 pugs2
Retired teacher and proud owner of 4 pugs is learning to knit...

Clueless Knittery
My ever patient dogs model my latest knitting disaster ;)

Chronicles of a Yarn Obsession
A blog documenting my personal adventures in knitting, crocheting, and other yarncrafting endeavors.

Fiber Hounds
A record of my knitting projects, with the occasional spinning project, when I actually get around to that. Hopefully each post will have a post of the retired racing greyhound that shares my home.

Knitting, motherhood, chihuahuas, dissertation procrastination...

late night ramblings regarding knitting, spinning, life on fair isle & our dog Fly

A mostly knitting chronicle

Wool Gatherers Gallop
Rambling about knittting,crafty stuff,life in general....and our lives with 2 fur babies called Teddie and Beckie....in other words the management!

Knit Nutt
One faery lady's blog about her knitting, craft, puppy dog and the many other delights around us!

my dog has fleece
My knitting journal. My dogs are more involved with my knitting than I'd like them to be.

Snakes, Snails and Curly Puggy Tails
Two of my favorite things, Pugs and knitting!

Good Coffee, Puppies, and Knitting
Welcome to my world of drinking good coffee, loving puppies and the art of knitting. I'm a weaver, spinner, knitter, and illustrator by trade. I live with my wonderful husband, 4 dogs, Crickett and Ladybug ...



My Creative Eye
My site is a knitting blog with some other creative endevours here and there. I am also the proud mommy of two shih tzus, Lily and Max and an adorable bassethound named Tracker.

A Knit Decision
Knitting in Portland, Oregon, with Snickers, the Little Brown Dog, who sometimes likes to hold the knitting needles in her mouth. Wood and bamboo taste good!

Trinity Knot
A blog that covers my life including my knitting, crochet, other crafts, my german shepherd and norfolk terrier and celtic heritate as well. Just plain fun.

Yarnatic Enabling yarn addiction everywhere! Art of all kinds resides here!

Lick My Sticks
Home of the Bad Ass Knitters and one neurotic, heavy metal-obsessed, foul-mouthed knitter living in a dying city with her husband, daughter, cat and dog.

Prairie Gumbo
Just like a good gumbo, there's a little something of everything in here - some knitting, some pet tales, adventures in the garden, a few good Creole recipes and whatever else grabs my tiny attention ...

Fuzzy Bunny Knits
The ramblings & adventures of a raving knitaholic bunny named Fuzzy.

green twinkie knits
My random knitting discoveries and FO's

tiennie knits, reads, quilts and watches too much tv!

Brit Knitter
A little about knitting, a little about life, a LOT about dogs!

mama knits
a homeschool blogger blog about my family, adventures, my dog, my knitting and other crafty things... oh yeah homeschool as well...

The Yarn Owl
One the three authors of this blog owns a puppy

The Knitsy Bitsy Spider
Two friends talking about knitting, also features a directory of free patterns and other knitting related sites.

Newman Knits

Karoline Knits
My place to show off my knitting accomplishments, which isn't always much, and to record my thoughts about knitting, my family, and occasionally our two beagles.

A Series Of Unfortunate Digressions
My blog about knitting and other fiber arts adventures, with some general blather thrown in.

Jillian's Knits
I use this blog to show my knitting projects and connect with other knitters.

Knitter and cocker spaniel owner who is also a law student in her spare time.

Stitches and Stories
A place to hang out and talk about knitting, cross stitch, dogs and books or whatever comes to mind.

As I Knit, So Shall I Rip
experience the naviete' of a dog lover with 3 chihuahua's and a boxer and middle age liberal woman who believes that she can self teach herself to knit and the travesties of the pursuit....plus daily bitching ...

Heather Knits
My little corner of the blog-sphere. Knitting, video games, and everyday life...

one dog, two cats and lots of needles

Sock It To Me
I'm a "born again knitter" with a passion for dogs.

Dropped a Stitch
My blog about knitting, with some free patterns, lots of photos of finished objects and other inspirations, and the occasional spill-over from my regular life.

Self-induulgent blog on sundry and various creative expressions that make me happy while writing my dissertation in central Illinois. Such as: * raising a puppy * knitting * cooking * playing music ...